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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Bad Judgement Call (Promo) CD Cover
Image © Marcie 2003

Image © Marcie 2003

Alexander Perls Storm
Image © Monopsone 2003

(18 January 2003) Bad Judgement Call. After successful single and EP releases in Europe, Marcie has made her debut solo five track EP available for review by Musical Discoveries. The majority of the material was produced at Chaemeonwest Studios by Marc Hunt (Robbie Takac's place, of The Goo Goo Dolls.

Bad Judgement Call opens with the rousing rocker "Don't Call" written by Marcie, Hunt and Macmanus. It serves as a superb introduction to the clarity and power of Marcie's tremendous voice. "Quicksand" is written by Macmanus is more of a mid-tempo bluesy number lightly arranged and demonstrative of Marcie's evocative delivery. "Couple More Days" again picks up the pace. This track, also written by Mamanus, is a delightful track that shows Marcie soaring at the higher end of her range, above rocking guitars and crisp percussion.

Interested visitors should check out the video at Marcie's website (click on either image left). It shows her performing with Nik and The Nice Guys. Says Marcie, "Nik and The Nice Guys is a high profile corporate party band that emplys me independently on a regular basis." She adds, "I do not do my original music with them. Dave Lawrence, who I worked with on "I Just Don't Get it" helped me make the video." She concludes, "The single for that song is sold on the Nik Site, so the video on my site is also up on the Nik Site under 'original music.' Other than that my career with Nik and everything else I do are pretty separate."

The EP continues with "No Room," which features Marcie on lead and on backing vocals. The layered harmonies work with the rocking arrangement very well. And it concludes with Marcie's stomper, also featured in video form at her website (see remarks above), "I Just Don't Get It." The track was written by Stuckless and Lawrence and was produced by Dave Lawrence. The EP shows Marie throughout her range and serves as an exciting introduction to this rapidly emerging artist.

Alexander Perls' Storm. Earlier in 2003, Marcie lent her vocal talents to this European EP. Performing under the name Sarona, Marcie primarily provides sensual vocalise to Perls' 5-track EP of electronic material that will certainly appeal to fans of Delerium, Chimera and related artists.

We asked Marcie about her work supporting European artists. Says Marcie, "The music I've had European label success with has been electronic, both ambient and dance. The goal for my newest album was to create something with domestic appeal since my electronic stuff has had success mostly in Europe."

Listeners will have to pay close attention to pick out the vocalise contributions to the EP's short yet upbeat, new age-style title track. It clearly illustrates another side of Marcie's vocal talent. "The Drive" is borderline pop in style but various effects contribute to the electronic style of the piece. The lofty soprano vocalise adds a great texture.

"Recombination" features Perls' sweeping synth washes under a lovely guitar melody. Marcie's vocals waft in again to add texture and ambience to the track. The track "Maximalist" is very electronic, almost obnoxiously so with pulsing rhythms underscoring a minimalist melody prior to Marcie's delicate vocalise contribution, which is again delightful--and the highlight of the track for sure. The EP concludes with the multidimensional and gently rocking sound of "Can't Be Sure," the only track featuring lyrics, and with several distinct movements within the track, is clearly the highlight of this EP. Marcie's tender vocal contribution is again fantastic.

"Bad Judgement Call" and "Storm" serve as two very different introductions to Marcie's vocal and songwriting talents. We are anxiously awaiting the release of a full length album of her own material and in the meantime encourage our readers to visit her website, check out her music and video and look out for live performances in the Rochester, NY area.

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