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EastMountainSouth CD Cover
Image © DreamWorks Records 2003  

(31 January 2004)Eastmountainsouth is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Kat Maslich and Peter Adams comprise this contemporary duo with flowing melodies and beautiful lyrics. Both Kat and Peter perform the sensitive vocals and create touching musical interpretations through their instrumental expertise. From start to finish, their album's touching songs elicit warmth, compassion and understanding.

"Hard Times" sets the mood with its inviting lyrics and instrumental accompaniment. This distinctive sound is aided by electric guitar, fiddle, mandola, bass and keys, in addition to Peter's acoustic guitar and harmonium. "Ghost" portrays a gentle atmosphere and haunting melodic interlude.

There is a delicateness to Kat's soothing vocals and acoustic theme accompanied by Peter's mellow harmonies along with moog and piano. Shane Fontayne lends to the mood with his electric guitar, Quinn on drums, Jennifer Condos on bass, and Michael Froom on keys. Froom, co-produced Eastmountainsouth along with Peter Adams, and describes the duo as "Appalachian from both sides of the fence," and "Peter is a trained composer who, at times, brings an Aaron Copland-type harmonic influence into the mix. And Kat has deep personal and musical roots in rural Virginia, which flavors everything she writes and sings."

Their gentleness continues throughout with a more upbeat melody on "You Dance" and again back to the dulcet tones in "So Are You To Me" with stunning fiddle instrumentals by Gabe Witcher.The lyrics in "Show Me The River" tell a sensitive story that captures the heartwarming and sometimes bittersweet, lonesome heartbreak in the song.

The ballads continue with "Rain ComeDown" and the beautiful blended harmonies mixed with Kat's lofty vocals continue to impress the listener. "Still Running" and "All The Stars" showcase the duo's sensitivity and clarity in the dynamic and soaring vocals. The remainder of the songs, ending with the bonus track,"On Your Way," highlight this duo's ability to create a sweet and clear lyrical sound.

Their music is very original, combining exquisite vocals and lyrics with peaceful and serene musical compositions. Read further reviews, listen to soundbitesand order the album from amazon.comhere.Gentle tones and heartwarming melodies bring Eastmountainsouth to the forefront, and the album is most definitely an easy listen.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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