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You Are What You Love CD Cover
Image © Actorboy Records 2003  

(31 January 2004) Melanie Doane's new album, You Are What You Love, has an explosive pop/rock sound that captures the listener. This talented Canadian singer brings tremendous energy to her music and lyrics, and you can't seem to stop humming along to the catchy tunes.Her background of growing up in an environment filled with musical instruments isreflected in her appealing CD. She learned to play and mastered the piano, bass,mandolin, guitar and violin while growing up in Nova Scotia.

She first came on the music scene in 1993 with Harvest Train, and then Shakespearean Fishin 1996. Melanie continued with her successful musical recordings with Adam's Rib in1999. She continues to thrill her fans with her latest album.

Melanie's music ranges from her pop/rock upbeat tunes in "As I Am" and "Wilma or aBetty Man" to the soft, dulcet tones of "Way Past Blue." Her vocals soar with emotionaldepth, strong lyrics, and flowing instrumentals. The gentle melodies continue with thestriking "First Love." The guitar accompaniment elicits the tenderness felt in thissong.

The great tracks continue with upbeat "You Are What You Love." This song is a fun-filledexploration of the joyful things in life that Melanie expresses so well with her cleartones and expressiveness. "You Do The Math" continues with the catchy melodies, bouncy beatsand toe tapping tunes. "Mayor of Melonville" brings out the fabulous violin instrumentalsand a strong Celtic flavor that is joyful to the ears. Melanie's dynamic, melodic ballad, "Here I Am," defines her power of the music.

Expressive lyrics and stunning vocals make this album addictive. Melanie Doane hooks you withher refreshing vocals and dynamite melodies. here.Melanie's diversity is expressed throughout the CD andyou want to listen to it again and again.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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