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(02 February 2004) The debut recording by singer songwriter Tracey Brennecke is a stunning four-track EP entitled "Alibi." A single from the EP will feature the track "The First To Know" backed with "Alibi." A full length album is planned for release early in the second calendar quarter of 2004. Read more about Tracey in our exclusive interview.

Tracey Brennecke is a muti-talented female bass player, singer and professional songwriter with music in her life and soul. Since graduating from Middlesex University with a music degree she launched herself into session playing for various artistes from pop, rock to jazz, which has seen her touring in the Far East and Europe.

In 2000, Tracey was signed to Halo Management with the pop band 'Slinky Minx.' A four track CD was produced and the band did various gigs around the UK. All tracks were written by Tracey and her writing partner/drummer Gail Louise. Halo Management recognised their talent, and also offered them a publishing deal.

In 2001, 'Slinky Minx' dissolved, due to a band member leaving, opening the way for Tracey as a solo performer and singer. She now performs under the name Tracey Brennecke with her own live band. She has already supported 'Medicine Hat' on a few dates of their UK tour and has continued to do gigs around the country.

EP Review. The four tracks on the EP vary across the pop-oriented singer/songwriter genre. "The First To Know" is a powerful torch ballad featuring Tracey's soaring crystalline vocals atop lush vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and crisp percussion. "Alibi" is a country-tinged rocker, with Tracey again singing atop lush instrumentation, this time dominated by electric guitar and crisp percussion--vocal harmonies back the lead in the heartfelt chorus.

Another torch ballad entitled "Best Of Us Yet" showcases Tracey's voice, soaring from note to note in a Star Search style with loads of reverb. Production showcases not only the songwriting but the singing and arrangements. The EP concludes with the light almost country style rock number "Lovesick." Again lush vocal harmonies back the lead but strings join the arrangement to contribute to the country feel of the number.

We obviously adored our introduction to Tracey Brennecke and are as keen as her already loyal following to hear the full length album when released later this year.

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