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Spiders From Venus Indie Women Artists and Female Fronted Bands Cover David Bowie
Image © Skipping Discs 2003

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Love Her Madly (2002)

(21 February 2004) Spiders From Venus (Indie Women Artists and Female-Fronted Bands Cover David Bowie), as the subtitle implies, features indie women artists and female-fronted bands on a 19-track CD highlighting the songs from David Bowie's illustrious career. This compilation allows the listener to experience the female interpretation of Bowie's blend of the masculine and feminine.

The CD begins appropriately with "Space Oddity" from Bowie's first international success. Vocals are performed by Bernadette McCallion (Cry Wolf review) from Black Pitch Dream (Never Going Home review), who also performed on the label's previous compilation Love Her Madly (review), and the ghostly sounds from Bowie's original version are apparent.

"The Man Who Sold The World," sung by the breathy Brianna Mosteller of Bug Funny Music Foundation continues to elicit the trademark Bowie sound. Justine K. of Joe K's Kid sings "Changes" and tends to take artistic license in this interpretation. Andrea Perry gives a delightful rendition of "Kooks" which comes across in a playful manner.

The compilation includes many other covers, notably "Hang On To Yourself" interpreted by Shesus, "Rebel, Rebel" performed by Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara, "All The Young Dudes" sung by The Switchblade Kittens, "Golden Years" by Essra Mohawk and "Modern Love" by Astrid Young. The band, Lunasect, is featured in "The Heart's Filthy Lesson". The CD finishes with The Jenn Beast Band singing "Afraid."

This compilation offers the listener an introduction to many new bands and artists, some of whom are totally new to our ears. For true fans of David Bowie, this CD will please some and irritate others, although most of the songs remain true to Bowie's intended musical spirit.

Read further reviews and listen to soundbites at the label's website and order the album from amazon.comhere.Bowie's music has inspired innumerable artists and there is promise for some of these female vocalists who hopefully will stand out in future undertakings.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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