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Airstreams & Satellites CD Cover
Image © Vanguard Records 2004  

(21 March 2004)Mississippi born singer, Garrison Starr, recently released herthird album, Airstreams & Satellites (Vanguard Records (USA)79752-2, 2004). "For me, music has always been about making a connection. I've found so much supportand inspiration through other people's music--I just hope my songshave something special to say to somebody out there," says thesinger. There is no doubt that there is a connection here and everybody is listening.

Starr acts as lyricist and singer, and reaches the heights. The albumsprings forth with pop/rock melodies and lilting vocals. She has a powerful voice that evokes some attitude through her lyrics. Sheopens with "Gasoline," with its country feel, and moves to the gentler"Sing." Her vocals soar in this song with a clarity and progressionto a sparkling soprano in her material. "Hey Girl" continues with itspop sound and beautiful melodies accompanied by excellent guitar work.

Another highlight on this album is "Superhero" with its defined rock sound. Starr embraces the music with a passion and grabs the listenerwith her spectacular musical performance. "Underneath the Wheel" againdraws attention to the clearness of her soaring vocals. Starr opens upher emotional vulnerability in "Wonderful Thing" talking about hating love,but "it's a wonderful thing when it's happening."

Guitars again shine in "Like a Drug" with excellent percussion and fantastic vocals. Other musicians contributing their expertise are CurtSchneider on bass; Matt Lang on drums/percussion; Janet Robin on electricguitars; Bruce Watson on guitars, lap steel and mandolin; Dan Potruch onadditional drums; Gary Beare on additional bass and guitar; NeilsonHubbard on mellotron and acoustic guitars as well as background vocals;Andrew Williams on guitars, strings and wurlitzer; and Cynthia Cathaniawith backgroung vocals.

The final song, "Airstreams and Satellites," continues with an honestyin style. Starr said, "I figure if I'm not inspiring people through mywriting or performing, there's really no point in doing it." Well, Starrhas the whole package - espressive lyricist, talented musician and great singer - that moves her to the forefront of her craft. There is a bittersweet edge to her music that complements her beautiful voice.

Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order thealbum from amazon.comhere. Learn more about the artist at her website.Airstreams & Satellites is an exciting album--watch this space.--Audrey Elliot

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