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Peel CD Cover
Image © Cat's Paw Publishing 2003
\r\nSpider Monkey Records 2003

(21 March 2004) At 17 years old, bilingual Catherine Tuttle is a songwriter and singer with wonderful musical and vocal maturity. Her debut album, Peel (Spider Monkey Records (USA) CT 58125, 2003), is expressive and showcases her budding talent. She wrote her songs on piano and executed her own piano tracks as well. This young songstress can perform music from the pop/rock genre to that of the detailed and sensitive classical variety.

While she performs lead vocals and piano, she is supported by JefLee Johnson on guitar; Chico Huff on bass; Jeff Davis on drums; DocGibbs on percussion; Glenn Barratt on acoustic guitar; Thomas Petrosky,Jr.on organ; and background vocals by Lucie Daigle. Adding to the ambience,Ron Kerber arranged and conducted the strings.

There is an energy throughout, with a mellowness in tone and the feelingof experienced proficiency that usually comes with age. "There was always music around the house," according to Tuttle. At the tender age of 14, shewas taking piano lessons and writing songs with music and lyrics.

From the very first track, "Restless," Tuttle captures you with her distinct musical aplomb. Her style is easy-going and nothing short ofbrilliant for a young, talented musician. Her lyrics are meaningful andher vocals soar in "Alone" and "What Will They Find." She certainly hasexceptional skills and is a young vituoso.

Her piano and quicker pace melody in "Tell Me Something New" offers morediversity in her musical flair. Excellent acoustic guitar instrumentalslend to the total picture. "Kerosene" talks about grown-up life experiences that one wouldn't expect to hear from a teenager with only seventeen yearsof experience. "Vintage Heart" rocks from the start, grabs you and doesn'tlet go. Her clear-cut vocals stand out in this track. The sensitivity ofher music continues throughout, and the album is a very passionate look insidethis young woman. The final track, "Ange Tombe," is sung purely and exquisitely in French, highlighted by beautiful strings that make a definite emotional imprint on the listener.

The twelve tracks on the album reflect a breathtaking genius and great talent. "I know that music will be a definite part of my life. My life will have a soundtrack." There is no doubt that a brilliant career liesahead for this gifted young woman. With such self-confidence and talent, it will be exciting to see what happens as she matures. She is certainly ashining star!--Audrey Elliot

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