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100 Lovers
Image © Chesky Records 2004

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(29 June 2004) Canadian born Carla Lother recently released 100 Lovers (Chesky Records (USA) JD250, 2004). This pop album tends to mix elements of folk, classical and traditional music. She has an evocative vocal quality that exhibits a clear and unique style. Her different styles are evident on her previous album, Ephemera as well.

Carla was trained as a classical pianist, culminating ina Master's degree in piano performance as well as a Professional Studies diploma in voice. Along with herextraordinary voice, she is a top-notch singer/songwriter. On100 Lovers she matched up with Richie Stotts, the lead guitarist who fronted for Wendy O. Williams and The Plasmatics, a punk rock band. This unlikely pair collaborated on four songs on this album: "100 Lovers," "A Little Time," "Far Away" and "You Never Can Begin It Too Soon."

There is a gentleness throughout, but certain songs standout. Traditional song "False Fly" has an unbeat melodyaided by Jack Morer on guitar and clay bongos as well as David Chesky on djimbe. "Until I Met You" and "Let's Grow Old" both display her sensitive lyrics and stunning vocals.

Although this album is more pop-oriented, Carla Lother clearly shows her New Age talents. Her distinguishing tonal clarity and engaging lyrics are both bound to draw interest from an increasingly broad audience.

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