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Scarlet Web's Demo CD Cover
Image © 2000 \r\nScarlet's Web  

(02 April 2000) Scarlet's Web is a new solo project from Lucid's lead singerand songwriter, keyboardest Theresa Musser (Scarlet). She was with Anywhere ButHere earlier. We were provided a six-track demo in advance of the artist's first full-length independent release scheduled for later this month. A nine-track digital audio music CD is currently available from theartists'mp3.com website.

Scarlet's music blands melodic vocals to hypnotic beats. The result isan adult alternative almost-pop sound with sensitive lyrical content. MusicConnection Magazine described her voice as "soft as silk yet powerfulat the same time." We could not agree more. Most comparable to Sarah McLachlan,others have compared her favourably to Enya and Everthing But The Girl.

"Where I Stand" is a jazz-influenced rock number with soaring and sensitive vocalssupported by rich keyboard arrangements and crisp percussion as well as thickbacking vocals. A bluesy vibe with an almost spoken vocal texture drives the track "Didn't Know." Layers of vocals in the chorus provide a contrasting texture within the track. "Soul Mate" is a sweet ballad with a jazzy coffeehouse edge; it is sung primarily over piano and is illustrative of the artist's vocal and expressive range.

The track "Melancholy Serenade" is a highly accessible track with powerful instrumental arrangements, lots of backingvocals and a lovely mid-register vocal lead. Steve Plunkett's productionis evident in the final mix with vocals way up despite the instrumentalarrangements' thickness. "Fragment" is equally accessible, but withlead and backing vocals mixed much higher up—in your face—it is certain to please female vocal enthusiasts. Our demo concludes with "Pretend," a slowand sensitive yet dance-oriented ballad, with lots of melodic keys and crisp percussion supporting layers of vocals. The lead vocals are crystallineand mixed way up, where they belong.

Clearly the Scarlet's Web demo is indicative of an exciting full length release.Interested listeners are encouraged to sample the artist's D.A.M. CD in the meantime.A nice listen!

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