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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Miles To Go CD Cover
Image © Alex Bach 2002-2004  

(11 September 2004) French born pop singer, Alex Bach, released her debut album, Miles To Go in 2002. The eight tracks on the album display a richness and diversity, using graceful melodies and pop/rock rhythms. The singer offers two additional tracks via her website that show substantial artistic development since the initial release of this album and our correspondents report her live performances are outstanding.

She comes from an international background, and speaks four languages. Her father is French Tunisian and her mother is American. She was born and raised in France, and later relocated to Abu Dhabi, Germany, and finally the United States. This varied background certainly has affected her music in a distinctive and positive manner, with striking lyrics that cut to the chase. Her voice mesmerizes the listener with its poignancy and evocative tones.

"Remember every day that you have been given a gift that very few people have and almost everybody wants: the ability to make music!" Alex certainly takes this statement to heart and truly has been given a melodicgift. All the tracks, except for the collaboration on "Anymore" with Gerald Fischer, were written by Alex.

She has a distinctive quality in her voice, complemented by the graceful tunes. The captivating and soaring vocals in "Kaleidoscope" and "Hurricane" showcase her strong talents. The title song, "Miles To Go," is a touching ballad, displaying her sensitivity and maturity. The two bonus tracks from Alex's website rock with more intensity. The funky pop tune "Blame God Instead" demonstrates the power of her voice and the stunning "Crucifixion" has a harder, Evanescence-style, edge.

Alex said, "Sharing my music allows me to communicate my emotions and connect personally with all of you." She certainly has accomplished this goal, and has touched many hearts and minds. Her distinguishing tonal eloquenceand engaging lyrics make this CD a must listen.

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