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Independently Blue CD Cover
Image © HayLo Media 2004  

(11 September 2004) Born in Scotland, yet now based in York, indie artist Hayley Hutchinson has burst onto the scene with her self-finanaced debut album, Independently Blue (HayLo Media (UK) mrcd007, 2004). The album is strong acoustically with a mix of pop and country. This talented songstress is just in her early twenties, and already shows a sophistication and variety in her craft.

All the songs on this twelve track album were written by Hayley. Opening with "Deadman," her renditions are reminiscent of an early Sheryl Crow. The number is catchy and toe-tapping, with wonderful acoustics. "Climb Through" has a more delicate delivery showcasing Hayley's touching lyrics and tenderness. Adding to the mood is the cello accompaniment of James Lindsay.

The title track, "Independently Blue," is another appealing melody that exhibits her vocal versatility and song-writing talent. Her father, John Hutchinson, an accomplished guitarist of David Bowie fame, contributeshis talents to numerous songs on this album. Tinged with country roots, "Minor Key" continues to fuse the guitar and piano melodies with Hayley's beautiful, poignant vocals.

Another highlight is the touching and compassionate "I Have to say I Love You." The simplicity of the tune accentuates the loveliness and clarity of her soulful voice. The lilting flow continues with "Fall Down," another engaging and spellbinding song. "Here's The Love" changes the tone with a more pop-filled, percussion number that contributes to the diversity of this singer's talents.

This gifted singer/songwriter closes with "Happy Endings" which is quite apropos for this delightful debut. She said, "I'm going to carry on creating, whatever it may be. Who knows what's next, I just want to enjoy myself as much as possible in the process!" Hayley brings a freshness and variety to this original material, and delivers it with a punch. She has certainly mastered her initial album, and her future efforts are anxiously awaited.

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