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Take This Journey CD Cover
Image © Chesky Records 2004

More Christy Baron

(26 September 2004) Mellow, sultry and in the groove is the only way to describe jazz/pop diva, Christy Baron. Her third album, Take This Journey (Chesky Records (USA) JD239, 2002) brings the listener a repertoire of modern classics from a list of famed songwriters including Stephen Sondheim, Burt Bacharach, Carole King and StevieWonder. She has a captivating voice and approaches these renditions with grace and passion.

"Happy Together" sets the tone for a fabulous set of thirteen tracks. Christy has great intonation and exudesan enthusiastic quality in these popular tunes. She is a very talented vocalist who mesmerizes the listener. Herbackground in jazz, pop and R&B certainly has contributed to her expertise and dynamic approach to her music.

In addition to her jazz/pop career, Christy's experience includes theater and film. In the 1990's, she had leadingroles in the film "Pants on Fire" and in a theatrical production of Eduardo Machado's Stevie Wants to Play the Blues at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Williamstown, MA. She also played the lead role of Fantine in a Broadway production of Les Miserables. With her well-trained theatrical style, Christy's voice will appeal to Stephanie Adlington and other West End singer fans.

Many of the songs, including "I'm All Smiles," has wonderful saxophone solos by David Mann (also credited with flute). Credits also go to David Finck on bass, Paul Gollenback on guitar and Graham Hawthorne on drums. Christy adds her own texture to other well known tunes including "That Old Devil Moon," "Stand Behind Me" and "The First Day in August."

Christy combines both music and poetry in her exquisite style. She has enchanting vocals and enthralls us with each note she sings. And the top production quality one expects and has come to take for granted from Chesky has been delivered once again. How can anyone not Take This Journey without a smile on their face and be put under her spell!

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