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Borrowed Heaven CD Cover
Image © Atlantic Recording Corp 2004  

(20 Octrober 2004) Pop/rock Irish legends, The Corrs, have gone back to more of their Celtic roots in their fourth album, Borrowed Heaven (Atlantic Recording Corporation (USA) 83670-2, 2004). This family quartet continues to push the envelope and have produced another superb CD. The songs have wonderful, captivating melodies, and of course, their signature engaging Celtic/pop blend keeps the momentum going. This album is more reminiscent of their earlier albums, especially Talk On Corners.

"Summer Sunshine" is a rocky, upbeat melody and it sets the mood with its lyrics, catchy chorus and toe-tapping beat. The pop-beat continues with "Angel" which boasts traditional violin riffs and tin whistle interludes. The song is the band's tribute to their mother and they certainly have paid her the ultimate compliment. "Hideaway" has an uplifting quality, with sensual and inspiring lyrics.

Andrea's powerful vocals are impressive in the haunting standout "Long Night." This ballad brings out the best in The Corrs, with explosive instrumentals that support the emotions expressed in this song. "Goodbye" is back to basics for the group, with their classic style showing through.

"Time Enough for Tears" is a passionate, jazzy ballad that showcases the band's versatility. Andrea's breathy vocals and Jim's melodic keyboards create an atmosphere of smooth and soothing vibes. "Humdrum" is far from routine beginning with their hip-hop LP scratchy opening. The song builds up into Celtic rhythms and traditional Irish instrumentals.

The mix of pop versus traditional Irish folk continues throughout this album. "Even If" is a catchy pop tune that intersperses the upbeat melody with the traditional tunes. The title track, "Borrowed Heaven," highlights Caroline's fabulous hypnotic percussion, with Sharon's magnificent violin solos in addition to the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo providing some brilliant vocals to add to the ambience.

"Confidence for Quiet" is full of energy and soaring vocals. "Baby Be Brave" has an intoxicating melody and sensitive lyrics about a life lived pretending to be someone else and being terrified about having their weaknesses found out. The album closes with the magnificent instrumental "Silver Strand." This song ties together all the qualities we all love about The Corrs, with their strong, traditional Irish roots blended with incredible modern musical composition. Sharon's violin proficiency lends to the distinct atmosphere created here.

The Corrs certainly have a characteristic and unique sound that is truly their own. The album is filled with catchy melodies blended with the traditional Irish tunes. There is an uplifting feeling throughout and this band continues to develop and impress. This album is a great addition to the collection.

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