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Tough On Crime CD Cover
Image © Hot Milk Records 2004

Rebecca Pidgeon Image © Hot Milk Records 2004

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Rebecca Pidgeon Image © Hot Milk Records 2004


(02 December 2004) Tough on Crime (Hot Milk Records (USA), 2004) is Rebecca Pidgeon's latest CDthat continues to feature her wonderful vocals and sensitive lyrics. This album is her first release in six years. All the songs were written and composed by Rebecca on this ten track album. She also performed guitar and vocals on all the tracks. Nip/Tuck fans will recognize the title track from the eleventh episode of the popular television drama.

"Music has always been a passion for me because it is something that makes me so happy," according to Rebecca. She teamed up with Larry Klein on this project since she adored his work. Larry was also intrigued with Rebecca's material and said, "I found working together to be absolutely the easiest, most blissful experience that I could imagine as a record producer."

Rebecca said the sound was unique in Tough on Crime and loves to create the characters in her musical stories as she writes. She stated, "After listening to Tough on Crime, I hope my fans will come away with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment and I hope that it grows on them, that they learn to love the deeper nuances in the stories and the music. Every song is special to me, yes."

Sultry tones abound as the album opens with "Learn to Fly." Rebecca's exquisite vocals set the mood for this sequence of ballads. "Tangerine" is a wonderful, sexy and entrancing melody, sung with her gentle yet strong voice. Adding to the ambience is the marvelous alto sax played by Albert Uring. The title track, "Tough on Crime," is a song based on a man who was with Delta Force. Rebecca wrote the song while she wondered what it might be like to be married to a superhero. Scott Amendola on drums and percussion keep the strong beat exciting, with support from Larry Klein on bass, wurlitzer piano and guitar.

"Ordinary Blues" also has an upbeat melody. Rebecca said that during a bad winter in Boston, she was looking through a magazine that was depicting a great life, and this song was written to take her away from her ordinary blues. The jazz/blues feel throughout the song is featured.

"Nasty Guy" continues the bluesy air with Larry Klein on bass, Billy Preston on hammond organ, Jimmie Wood on harmonica, and Scott Amendola on drums. The instrumentals in this song are outstanding, certainly complementing Rebecca's marvelous vocals. "Magazine" begins with a more haunting tune, and then falls intodissonant tones that work well to create the mood.

When speaking about "The Romance of Everyday Life," Rebecca said that the song was about a romantic encounter. She said that the encounter was a "normal, standing in the coffee line" type, based loosely on her famous husband, David Mamet. The song has a very relaxed, jazzy feel to it, certainly enhanced by her breathy vocals.

Although she first got into music by accident and eventually learned how to play guitar with the Ruby Blue band, it is no accident at the musical talent and expertise displayed in this intriguing album. Rebecca creates a stunning atmosphere and captures the mood easily, taking the listener on an expressive journey. Her lush arrangements with marvelous instrumentation are sybiotic with her beautiful and heartfelt ballads. This is not an album to be missed!

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