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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Anet Tortured CD Cover
Image © 2000\r\n\r\nDream Control Music/Socan  

(08 April 2000) Likened by some to Edith Piaf, Radio Head, Kate Bush andeven Garbage, award winning singer songwriter Anet has managed to reach thespotlight with a hit song "Tortured," also the title of her debut album onDream Control Music (SOCOM, Cat. No. 7 6700 61539 2, 2000). Earlier songshave been included in films and television series and other artists'recordings. Anet is based in Vancouver, BC. From her mp3.com website"A Diamond Award Winning Singer/Songwriter of "Sinking Like a Sunset", from Tom Cochrane's multi platinum selling album "Mad Mad World" and a two time winner of the Socan Songwriter award for Song of the Year, Anet has also been nominated for a "Juno" (Canada's version of a Grammy) in addition to various awards and accolades throughout the world." The new album is best classified as 'alternapop'—it fits into neitheralternative nor pop genres but actually fits into both.

Rock instrumentals dominated by guitar back lead and often multi-tracked backingvocals. Music is highly accessible and will most likely appeal more to teensthan adults. Vocals are sung or slightly spoken and the music most closelyaligns to that featured regularly at MTV. The lead vocals are lovely and attimes are sung sweetly and evocatively while others they are rough and raunchydemonstrating the artist's ability to vary styles dramatically.

Tortured is not the typical album reviewed at Musical Discoveriesin many respects, however, the interesting instrumental arrangements includeCeltic strings at times, which should expand the appeal of the album to ouraudience somewhat. A couple of tracks difficult to categorise includedthe rap-like "Cursed" and multi-genre "Astronauts" and "Friends" whichwere equally difficult to appreciate. Straight rock tracks, including "Tortured," "Stop Shooting Me," "Normal," and "Stuff," are actually quite good but will most likely appeal to younger audiences. The album also includes two more club-oriented dance mixes on the tracks "Die 4 You" and "L'Etat D'Amour."

Heartfelt ballad-like rock tunes accompanied by guitar and strings are thehighspots of the album. With embedded soaring vocals and a range of singingstyles, these include the stunning tracks "Realness" and "Whore." "For TheMoon" is a heartfelt, yet almost spoken, sensitive ballad that closes thealbum. The multi-tracked backing vocals add a lovely texture to the track.

Anet's debut album Tortured is an excellent introduction to thismulti-dimensional female recording artist. While the ballads were the highlight of the album for us, clearly the rock, dance and rap-like numberswill appeal to a broader audience. She is an attractive lady and the photoswithin the album's artwork clearly illustrate that while providing completelyrics and recording credits. You can find ample soundbites at hermp3.com website and orderone or both of her digital audio music CDs there. You can order Anet's album Tortured from amazon.com here. Clearly worth further exploration, Tortured is a nice listen.

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