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Believe In Angels. Believe In Me CD Cover
Image © Midas Records 2004  

(19 December 2004) Midas Records teen sweetheart Angel is making a big splash with her debut record Believe in Angels. Believe in Me (Midas Records (USA) 881529000128, 2004). Since the release of the record, Angel has been heard all over pop and A/C radio, headlined a VH1 Save the Music tour, and appeared at school dance party contests all over the country with MTV's DJ Skribble as a spokesperson for LEI Jeans.

Believe in Angels. Believe in Me is a pop record that draws inspiration from pop music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The record kicks off with the heavy dance pop beats of the title track. There's more than a hint of disco in its drum and bass tracks and I'm sure that if dancing is your thing you'll be very satisfied. The disco/pop/dance sound starts and ends the record with "Lessons in Love" following the title track and "You Release Me" finishing the record out.

In between though is where it gets interesting. Although Angel stays well within pop's traditional boundaries she touches on quite a few styles. "Wild Guess" and "Just the Way I Am" have a fun and sassy 80s pop flair that brings to mind people like Kylie Minogue and Samantha Fox, while songs like "Chinese Whispers" and "Mama's Little Girl" have a sort of polished funk appeal that gets your head bobbin' and your feet tapping yet again.

"Three Small Words" is a bit more aggressive sounding and has the same sort of "Girl Power" appeal that made Kelly Clarkson and Destiny's Child household names. Of course, no pop album is complete without a few power ballads. Angel delivers on that as well with the Nashville pop sounding "Love Is" and the piano driven "To Forgive You."

Realistically this album is a pop fan's dream. It combines all the elements of successful pop songs and delivers them through a teen sweetheart that has the pipes to pull them off right. A special edition of the album is accompanied by a bonus DVD.

One of the more striking things about this album though is its contrast to today's hottest pop stars. Angel has chosen the road less taken by keeping her clothes on and relaying a positive message in her songs. This is something kids can certainly enjoy and parents don't have to worry about. If you like artists like Stacie Orrico, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson and the like then Angel will fit right into your music collection.--Mark Fisher

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