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Subside EP Cover
Image © Halflight 2004

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Interview and Photos (2004)
Jylt: Surrender (2003)

(08 January 2005) Welsh singer songwriter Sarah Howells has resurfaced with the newly formed alternative band Halflight whose first four track EP "Subside" is certain to draw attention from Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Andrea Coor enthusiasts. We caught up with Sarah on the heels of this release in late 2004 for this exclusive interview. Read the story about the sad demise of Jylt and the formation of Halflight in Sarah's own words.

The Halflight lineup is completed by Richard Llewellyn (bass), Emma Bryden (cello) and Owen Hopkin (drums). Sarah provides the guitar work in addition to lead vocals. The EP opens with the upbeat "Where The Pins Drop" Sarah's vocals atop gentle rock arrangements. The evocative Jylt ballad "Treading Water" is presented next. Listeners will be intrigued by the power and range of Sarah's voice in the tremendous execution of this number.

The EP continues with the downtempo tune "Sixfour," supported by cello, acoustic guitar and light keyboard arrangements. Sarah's searching vocals are at their most emotive of the EP, clearly underscored by the melancholy cello part. Note that the package accompanying the CD includes striking photographs on the front cover, inner liner and there are three additional shots in a takeaway foldoout as well. The EP is dedicated to Nia; read the interview for details.

The striking vocal tune "Photos" concludes the EP. Sarah's voice is well atop only a gentle string arrangement carrying the stunningly evocative melody with layers to add texture in spots. A melancholy but bright tune. Sarah Howells has clearly returned to the scene in this great new ensemble. We can't wait for Halflight to produce their full length album!

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