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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Feel It Coming CD Cover
Image © Lauren Gordon 2004  

(19 March 2005) "Feel It Coming" is the debut EP from the reigning 2004 Mrs. New York Lauren Gordon, whose musical career is only just beginning. Her brief life story thusfar is as interesting as her professionally produced debut four-track recording. Lauren met her husband through a popular online dating service--proving that beautiful women can meet responsible men on the internet--as she was completing her Political Science degree at Rutgers. He encouraged her to transform notes she made about sensible eating habits on college meal plans that resulted in her publishing a book on the subject entitled How to Stay Fit on the College Meal Plan.

Lauren's husband James, an opthamologist, performed lasik surgery to correct her vision just prior to their marriage. Not long after the 5'8" 120 lb brunette entered the Mrs. New York pageant and took first prize. She later entered the national Mrs. America competition and was awarded fourth place. Lauren is presently pursuing a graduate degree in special education and social studies. Further information on Lauren's extensive personal achievements and an array of stunning photos can be found at her website.

The "Feel It Coming" EP was produced, arranged and recorded by Billy Branigan at Boondog Recording Studios in NYC. Most likely originally conceived as a demo to shop her talent around, the recording is presently available through online resources. While some might compare Lauren's sound and the material to other pop artists like Jessica Simpson and Hillary Duff, the "still emerging" quality evident in this recording demonstrates that there's still hope for an adult alternative artist with a much wider appeal to emerge before our eyes.

Lauren writes her own material and in January 2005 the opening track from the EP "Famous" came in fourth in VH1's "Save The Music Song Of The Year" contest. The upbeat pop song is layered with gorgeous vocals. Lauren is credited for writing material for other performers. And the four page booklet and tray liner accompanying the CD include a lovely collection of professionally taken photos.

The radio friendly song style continues to develop with "Controversy," where melodic almost spoken verses alternate with sweetly layered choruses. "I Choose You" is a lovely self-backed ballad, clearly demonsrating Lauren's vocal talent, arranged above gentle instrumentation. The EP concludes with the richly arranged upbeat title track "I Feel It Coming." Verses feature Lauren's sweet lead and layers of her backing harmonies underscore the guitar laden choruses. The four tracks of this EP left us anxious to hear further material in a full length album. Lauren Gordon has a bright future, especially if others catch the wave of this debut release.

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