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Of Pigeons and Other Curiousities CD Cover
Image © Shaman Records 2005

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(08 May 2005) Nicki Jaine at long last releases Of Pigeons and Other Curiosities (Shaman Records (USA) 2005). Hopes were set high when she first debuted the intense sound of her now former band Torn Paper Dolls, unfortunately the album never came to fruition. On her freshman release Nicki undoubtedly proves that she is one of the finest and most unique voices in music today.

Nicki recently toured the country with Goth icons Black Tape for a Blue Girl, both as part of the band and as an opening act at select shows. Since the end of the tour she has started collaborating with Black Tape mastermind, and Projekt records founder, Sam Rosenthal on a new band that is tremendously anticipated by her fans already.

Nicki's unique alto voice and stunning lyrical talents are sure evoke feelings of nervousness, sadness, enlightenment while intriguing all at the same time. Those that enjoy goth and creative singer/songwriter artists will be drawn to Nicky Jaine. Read more in our exclusive interview.

Of Pigeons and Other Curiosities is a dark cabaret of odd lyrics and sparse instrumentation. Using the word "cabaret" when describing this music is a bit cliché but you simply can't escape it. Its part cabaret and part artsy lounge music, full of starts and stops and dark imagery reflecting life’s harsher side. Piano and acoustic guitar are the predominate instruments, with some drums thrown in to ward off the evil spirits of monotony.

The album sways back and forth between the full band sound and the barebones singer/songwriter sound and it certainly helps to keep the overall feel fresh throughout its duration. Rightfully, the lyrics are at the forefront of the songs and Nicki's rich alto voice lends an almost haunting quality to them. Songs like "Sounds of Girls," "Octopi" and "Antarctica" are excellent examples of Nicki's songwriting prowess.

If you are a fan of music that is artistic, unique, and most of all great, then you really need to check out Of Pigeons and Other Curiosities. If you were a fan of Torn Paper Dolls, then it's a bit of shocker at first but the album will quickly grow to envelope the listener completely. Fans of bands like Black Tape for a Blue Girl and The Dresden Dolls will want to run out immediately and buy this album.--Mark Fisher

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