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Iona DVD Cover
Image © Open Sky Records 2003

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(09 July 2005) Iona's first DVD offering is a 2003 release of a 1990 filming of the band in various settings. Self-titled Iona (Open Sky Records (UK) OPENSKYDVD1, 2003) The documentary includes portions of and full tracks from the band's debut album performed on stage before an enthusiastic live audience.

This DVD should not be considered as much an "in concert" collection; rather it is a documentary where each of the band members -- Joanne Hogg, Dave Bainbridge, Frank Van Essen, David Fitzgerald and Tim Hines--comment on their inspirations and the religious and inspirational connections they have each achieved through their musical experience. The film includes shots taken in and around Iona as well as a concert hall.

The DVD opens with an extended mix of "Turning Tide" and "Flight of the Wild Goose," clearly demonstrating Dave Bainbridge's excellent guitar work and David Fitzgerald's emotional rendition on saxophone. Interview segments are intersperced between segments of "Here I Stand" featuring Joanne Hogg's stunning vocal work evocatively delivered on the DVD and "Trilogy."

Powerful instrumental segments of "Beijing" and "Columcille" are joined with further visual sequences and interview segments, the artists sharing their experiences blending faith with music and lovely scenery. Tim Hines' work on the chapman stick in the live sequences is especially interesting, especially for those that have not seen this often forgotten instrument played. The DVD concludes with a lovely rendition of "A'Machair" and a short portion of "Iona" featuring Joanne Hogg's tender vocals.

The Iona DVD is a tremendous introduction to the people that comprised Iona in 1990 and their stunning music. While the lineup has changed slightly since their first release, and their music has evolved, the band have continued in the direction they set on this DVD. An Iona Live DVD, recently filmed in London, is expected in the second half of 2005. Iona provides an exciting 30 minute professionally filmed appetizer while their fans wait for the main course.

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