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Dian Diaz CD Cover
Image © Strip City Records 2005

Dian Diaz Image © Strip City Records 2005

(25 September 2005) Indie pop and Latin influenced diva, Dian Diaz, has hit the mark with her debut self-titled album. The Las Vegas chanteuse presents her collection of songs co-written and produced by multi-platinum song-writer Narada Michael Walden, composer Guy Roche, producer song-writer Rodney Alejandro and DJ Jazzy Jeff. The album showcases her exquisite vocals and passionate style.

Dian grew up in humble circumstances in Albuquerque, New Mexico and began her singing career at the tender age of nine. She has an extensive vocal range and she has been likened to famed artists Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. She is bilingual enabling her to have wonderful versatility in her performance style. Her music encompasses the pop, R&B and Latin genres. She maintains a strong connection to her family's Spanish, Mexican and Native American roots, and her early musical influences were a blend of boleros, rancheras and (thanks to her mom) country music.

She has been headlining at The Bellagio's prestigious Fontana Room since 1998. She has opened for headliners and famous performers such as The Commodores, Chuck Mangione, Richard Eliot, Spyro Gyra and Jean Luc-Ponty. She also spent two years touring as a backup singer for Latin superstar Luis Miguel.

Dian Diaz is a ten track CD of adult contemporary music with a blend of R&B, Latin and pop. Her soaring voice is trend setting with her catchy lyrics and rhythmic, spellbinding melodies. She has written four of the ten tracks including “Lay It On The Line” and “Willing to Love”, and her music is powerful and dynamic.

"It would have been easy to just gather a handful of great songs that fit my vocal style," she says, "but I really wanted to take a more personal approach that tells my own story, and that includes the big ballad 'No More Tears,' which has an acoustic guitar bolero flavor. 'Willing To Love' talks about my relationship with my family and moves onto a spiritual level. With the uptempo dance track 'Just Ain't Feelin' It,' I wanted to create something of a female national anthem in the mode of 'I Will Survive.' For a long time, my show at the Bellagio featured me doing cover songs, but it's slowly been evolving into my own show, where I use more original material to tell the story of my musical influences, my family and my career."

Her ballad, "Colour Everywhere," takes centerstage and was also a hit single to reach the top of the charts. Her passion clearly comes through in her emotive songs that you want to play again and again. Dian has a magnetism that is truly star quality.

Dian said that ambition is a curious thing. She went on to say, "From the time I was a little girl, I had a dream and a purpose that has driven me, and that has been to share my voice and music with the world. I love the career I have in Las Vegas , but my passions run even deeper and I believe my album is just the first step in the next part of my journey."

Each of the tracks on Dian Diaz is a must listen. The listener has no choice but to be mesmerized by her magnificent and soaring vocals that send tingles up and down your spine. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with and this CD showcases her incredible talents.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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