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Love + Rescue CD Cover
Image © Olivette Music 2005

Cameron Dezen Image © Olivette Music 2005

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Cameron Dezen Image © Olivette Music 2005

(25 September 2005) Texas-based indie artist, Cameron Dezen, presents a dynamic, well-produced new album, Love + Rescue. This ten track pop/rock CD showcases her stunning, sultry voice, with wonderful upbeat melodies that have a simplicity and elegance. Her style is likened to that of Dido, Tori Amos and even Sarah McLaughlan. Yet, Cameron has her own enchanting approach to the compelling music.

"I studied classical voice. It was a very strict program, and I didn't love it so much, so I got into poetry instead. It wasn't until I was in college that I realized I could put the two together," according to Cameron. Born in New York City, and raised in a theatrical family, Dezen studied voice and creative writing in high school and college. Prior to starting college at Carnegie Mellon University as a creative writing major, she went to visit a friend in Austin, Texas. While there, she met her husband, Matt Hammon, who is also a musician and producer.

Love + Rescue is the culmination of two years of work. "The album is about letting go of the reins and having faith that things will shake out how they're meant to shake out. I realized that the process of waiting is a calling; it's holy. In my career, my music, our relationship, I've had to say, 'I'm going to wait, and I'm going to do what needs to be done, and I'm not going to complain about it.'"

Her mesmerizing, angelic vocals, combined with her poetic lyrics make this album a standout. In contrast to her previous CD, Mary's Daughter, this album has wonderful live instrumentation with fabulous piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, and draw-bar organs. The layering of these instrumentals combined with the incredible vocals work together with the electronic elements and walls of cascading vocal harmonies. "Didn't I" and "Right, Right Now" remain in the pure, live piano/voice context.

From the first track, "Waiting (The Promise)," the listener is engaged in Cameron's beautiful, soaring vocals and sensitive lyrics. She has a clarity and simplicity of delivery that titillates the senses. "Want You to Know Me" and "Hands Up" continue the exciting piano/pop toe-tapping melodies. The slower paced "Miami" is a wonderful track, showcasing her lovely vocal range and emotive powers. She presents a moving and emotional performance.

"Just Like Me," with its electronic and hypnotic tune is very buoyant and certainly one that you'd want to get up and move to the beat. The gentler "Enough," "Goodnight" and "Happier" beautifully highlight Cameron's strong and precise vocals. These songs have a haunting, ethereal quality that are spellbinding.

The simplicity of the piano rhythms and her stunning, sultry voice creates a masterful album that is inspiring. There is a richness of sound, reflecting some raw emotions and has a haunting feminine honesty. Love + Rescue has strength and sincerity, and it is certainly a delicate masterpiece.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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