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Underneath The Everyday
Image © TLAMS Ent Services 2005

Nadine Zahr Image © TLAMS Ent Services 2005

(28 September 2005) Indie singer/songwriter Nadine Zahr has released a self-titled five song EP, and her eleven track album, Underneath the Everyday, is a forthcoming release scheduled for the beginning of 2006. All five songs are from the complete album which is a wonderful collection of songs from this soul inspired rock/pop songstress.

Nadine has a lush, rich tone that emanates throughout her exquisite vocals and poignant lyrics. Acoustic guitar drives the dynamic sound as she takes her inspiration from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin, Patty Griffin, Dave Matthews and Ani Difranco. There is a meaningful strength to her soaring vocals that takes the listener by storm.

The New Jersey native has a natural gift and her passionate renditions are refreshing. She withholds nothing as she beguiles you with her strong voice.Nadine said that when she was a youngster, "I was always too loud. If I sang in the shower, I would get yelled at by my mom. I was always told I was too much, and doing everything all wrong. The only release I had was locking myself away, so I would have to sing in the car or something."

During her high school and college years, Nadine focussed on musical theater and then on her songwriting. She sold her car when she was eighteen in order to buy a Taylor acoustic guitar which she still uses today. She eventually moved to LA to pursue her budding music career.

Her songs have a brazen quality, yet there is a gentleness and sensitivityin her honest manner. "Less Than 24hrs" is a standout rock piano ballad which showcases her enticing style. She hits hard with her decisive tones and raw energy. In "Wait" and "A Little Better" she demonstrates her compassionate tones and softer edge. Her music touches on experiences we've all dealt with in a frank manner. Nadine's expert acoustic guitar continues in "The Day" and "Around You" with gutsy vocals that enthrall.

Nadine sorts out her thoughts and feelings in her music as well. "Whenever I need to process something, I write a song about it. I wail – I get that out of me in a space where I feel I move through a situation through the music. I think people hear that and feel that. Being willing to express that, being vulnerable in that respect on stage, I create the safety for others to feel the same. All I care about is that people just open up to the fact that the music could make you feel something."

Having had the opportunity to preview all the songs on Underneath the Everyday, they are hard-hitting with Nadine's sincere style and panache. The album is definitely a fantastic collection of songs and the public will be wowed by her amazing talent. The opening track, "Where I Never Was," is fabulous, having the flair and throaty vocals that one expects from this singer. "Beautiful Soldier" and "Horses and Fish" are standout tracks which showcase her tender and graceful gift.

Sensitivity and simplicity along with her aggressive style brings Nadine Zahr to the forefront of the music scene. One is immediately enraptured by the emotive vocals and vibrant melodies. Nadine wears her music on her sleeve, and the listener is mesmerized by her sincere and candid approach. Her EP is just a taste of what she is capable of, and her complete album will certainly be a great success when released.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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