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We Dance CD Cover
Image © Olde Bear Music 2004  

(30 October 2005) Stunning vocals are prominent in Dianne Corbin's recently released sophomoric effort We Dance (Olde Bear Music Publishing (USA) DC9937, 2004). Her music varies between classical crossover and alternative pop, and she fits other genres in as well. Grammy award-winning producer Paul Hoyle co-produced this album with her and commented, "She has a voice with a range and texture that is very hard to find. Her phrasing is fresh and honest." Her polished and dynamic talents are clearly seen on this eleven track CD that encompasses an eclectic mix of pop, pop/rock, dance, Latin, blues, and inspirational styles.

Dianne's interest in performing began at the tender age of four. She trained with various vocal coaches in Massachusetts and New York, and studied ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and Broadway styles of dance, and choreography with Carl Morris, former Boston Ballet dancer Beryll Balzotti, and former New York Rockette Beverly Brown. She was also discovered by producer/songwriter Bill Bellamy while performing in a local concert. She recorded radio jingles and sang backup vocals for his first album. She also received theatre training from acclaimed actor Geronimo Sands, and instructors Carol Kastendieck and Robert Weiner.

Dianne was inspired to write and record some original music while performing with some Boston pop/rock and dance bands. Her writing centered on motivational lyrics and tunes that were unforgettable. Her background in dance, musical theater and performing in bands have helped develop her into a dynamic singer and songwriter. She takes inspiration from the likes of Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Melissa Etheridge, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

Her stylistic versatility is evident from her very first title track, "We Dance," which touts a flamenco flair. She has a beautiful and distinct voice, singing with passion and verve. There is an outstanding fresh quality to her vocals in this song she co-wrote with Paul Hoyle. She slows the beat in "Before You Go" with some touching and tender lyrics. She seems to flow easily from pop, to R&B, to show tunes and to rock songs. "Just Open Your Eyes" is another co-written track by Dianne and Paul. She radiates the lush, rich tones throughout this piece. You can feel her passion and enthusiasm in her music.

"Set Me Free" and "If I Was Falling" showcases her soaring tones. She has a kindhearted approach to her music and has emotive, genuine feelings that come across in her songs. Dianne's music is very easy to listen to, with its catchy and memorable sound. More pop reverberates in "I Know." The ballad "At The End of My Life" has sensitive lyrics and tugs at your heartstrings.

"Bailamos (We Dance)" is a wonderful Spanish tune where you can't help but move to the infectious beat of the music and imagine yourself being surrounded by the tapping of flamenco. The flamenco guitar and percussion set the tone for this inviting melody. A more Broadway type melody, "What Would It Take" is a lovely song that continues to highlight Dianne's magnificent voice. Backed by simple keyboards, her clear vocals take center stage. "My Love Was Not Enough" has Dianne singing with a mellowness that oozes in this R&B tune. Her bluesy tone is exquisite and resounds throughout. A fitting close to this superb album is "The End" where she continues to demonstrate her versatile style and artistry.

Dianne is currently touring through New England, honing her wonderful talents and gathering a bevy of fans. She has a unique vocal styling and she loves to conquer the varying musical genres. Her individualistic approach to her music is certainly appreciated with her rhythmic and fresh quality. Dianne's power and range come through like gangbusters in We Dance showing a wonderful sophistication in this outstanding CD.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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