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Histoires D'Eau CD Cover
Image © Drinemachine Music 2005  

(05 November 2005) Histoires d'Eau is Swiss chanteuse Sandrine's debut release. Influenced by the trip-hop sounds of Lamb, the cool aesthetic of Dido, and the europop sensibilities of Telopopmusik, Sandrine has crafted captivating album full of catchy melodies and hip, cool ambience. While many of the tracks contain French lyrics, this feature only adds to the exotic appeal of the album. Vocally, Sandrine shares some similarities with world-famous French diva Mylene Farmer and neo-folkster Keren Ann--all three have that clear yet intimately breathy style that resonates sweetly in the ear.

Musically, the tracks on Histoires range from trippy chill numbers to drum & bass to strong europop. Throughout, Sandrine's melodies and vocals remain consistently entrancing. By surrounding herself with talents like producer/programmer Christian "wicked" Wicht, well-known mixmaster Bitstream Dream, Angina P, Govinda, Heckle & Jive and Summer Kelly, Sandrine has ensured the creation! of a beautifully rendered album that easily stands with the best downtempo/electronica albums around.

The sexy "Les Larmes d"Isis (Govinda Mix) is a groove filled spacy track comparable to Vanessa Daou's best work while "Dis-Moi" is an insanely hooky track with a lumbering beat and pitch-perfect melody. The sensual "Ramene-Moi" is a darkly seraphic piece of music that uses understated acoustic guitar and subtle percussion to highlight Sandrine's delicious vocals. Part folk, part electronic, "Ramene-Moi" is one of those rare songs that lingers in the heart and mind. "Atlantiques" is a strong upbeat dance number that pulses with joyous energy. Far from being a standard "trance/club" track, Sandrine has imbued this number with incredible soul and power.

"Aller Vers Demain" pulsates at a mid-tempo rate, accentuating Sandrine's intimate and ruminating vocals. Again, Sandrine shows she is a master of mood nuance, creating images of a mysterious Parisian night. "Eclipse" will definitely appeal to fans of Balligomingo with its expansive sonic palette and ethereal vocals. The swirling beats and aquatic patina of "Still Breathing" draws favorable comparison to the best work of the Solar Twins.

Proving herself to be a striking vocalist and songwriter, Sandrine is definitely an artist to watch. It is apparent that she has invested a great amount of artistry and passion into the music--and this honesty and freshness cannot help but resonate with the listener. We are thrilled to witness the arrival of such an exceptional artist. Fans should also be aware that Sandrine performed vocals for the 5-track EP project by Suisse Modular entitled "Fly Me to the Lunar" which was also produced by Christian Wicht.--Justin Elswick in Provo, Utah

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