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Full Moon In 3 CD Cover
Image © Grizelda Records 2005

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Jennifer Terran Image © Grizelda Records 2005


(22 January 2006) Previous offerings from Jennifer Terran, Cruel (1996) and The Musician (2000) (review) proved to be a highly interesting and entertaining mix of heartfelt piano led songs and her latest album, Full Moon In 3 (Grizelda Records (USA) 616471200537, 2005), brings us more of the same.

On first listening much of the subtlety and beauty of this album may not be entirely evident. It requires further listening to begin to appreciate some of the songs due to their complex melodies and structures. These are not songs to sing along too but to sit back and enjoy. There is nothing on this album to match the weirdness of "Kitty, I Can't Stand It" (Cruel), but it still contains some strange insights into the imagination of this remarkable songwriter.

"Pretty Random" as she herself says in "Multi Orgasmic Three." "A Big Brown Trout Lives There" is not a title you would find on most albums but the song is a wonderful example of Terran's work, a simple piano-based piece and "Ohhh Eee" with its extended atmospheric opening and simple piano chords is a good example of how Terran moves away from traditional song structures but keeps the music extremely listenable. This is not to trivialise what Terran has to say; many of her songs are highly intelligent and self aware like the stunning "Circle Of Life," "When I started this song the third verse hadn’t been presented to me..."

Overall this is another beautiful, varied album from Jennifer Terran, though not as immediate as The Musician or as strange as Cruel. Full Moon In 3 showcases Terran's unique, fragile voice, sensitive piano playing and some wonderfully innovative and interesting songwriting. Every song has something special about it. The standout tracks are "The America Song," "Circle of Life" and "A Big Brown Trout Lives There." Everyone will like something different from this album. If you like your music interesting and meaningful then this album is worth a few listens.--Evelyn Downing in Manchester, England and Russ Elliot in New York

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