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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Sally Anthony One Word Poetry Contest
Image © 1998\r\n\r\nElsie Records

Sally Anthony The Preview
Image © 2000 Elsie Records

(13 May 2000) Singer / songwriter Sally Anthony has not yet released an album but has generated two EPs; One Word Poetry Contest is the artist's five-track debut and The Preview is a four-track followup. Her "vocal style blends powerful alternative with soulful R&B, and delivers a strong performance of original material." Two tracks from her debut album werepicked up for the independent film Loser Love starring LaurenHutton and Burt Young.

The first EP spans the range of the artist's styles. "TheySay" develops into a lush rocking number complete with hook inits chorus. "Places" is a soft ballad, most illustrative of Sally'svocal prowess, full of emotion with sensitive and sensual vocalperformances. We were most reminded of Andrea Corr in thisperformance. Backing vocals are effective in adding texture tothe track. "Mary" is a dynamic alternative rock ballad with moving choruses full of lush backing vocals, heavy guitar and soaring lead vocals. Sally's soaring vocals carry the sensitive ballad "Witness" which builds in lushness as the song develops. "Phil 4: II" is arhythmic rocker with highly experimental and imaginative vocals.

Sally Anthony's second EP, The Preview picks up where herfirst left off. With touring and further studio work among heraccomplishments, production is more lush, and vocals are clearerfrom the outset. "Martyr" is a modern alternative rock trackwith a quick lead vocal supported by soaring harmonies and loadsof guitar. Experimental style vocals heard earlier in "Phil 4,"continue in "Never Here" but are supported by additional harmoniescharacteristic of this second EP. "Fleeting" is the EP's softand heartfelt ballad sung over piano. Lovely harmonies supportthe lead vocal track and add texture to the overall sound. Wewere again reminded of Andrea Corr with Sally's vocal performance. The EP concludes with the dynamic rocker "I Know You." Here powerful vocal performance are underscored by rich guitar-basedinstrumentation. The EP certainly illlustrates the professionaldevelopment of this stunning vocal artist.

With two EPs now under her belt, it seems that Sally Anthony isready to generate a full length album. She has illustrated abroad range of talent, both in singing and songwriting and therange of styles is dramatic. Both will interest female vocalenthusiasts and are available from the artist's website. Wortha journey, they are a nice listen!

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