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Blue on Blue CD Cover
Image © One Son Records 2006
and Nettwerk Records 2006

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(01 October 2006) The debut solo album from former Sixpence None The Richer lead vocalist Leigh Nash is an eleven-track collection entitled Blue On Blue (Nettwerk Records (USA) 0 6700 30611 2 4, 2006). Prior to the album's release and just before her solo tour in early August 2006, Musical Discoveries staff caught up with Leigh for an interview. Our album review is presented below.

Leigh is accompanied by various artists across the album. In addition to performances by Pierre Marchand, the "line-up" consists of: Alain Berger (drums and percussion), Jean Francois Lemieux (bass), Colin Cripps (guitar), Jason Lang (guitar), Vincent Rehel (keyboards, strings and piano), Maurice Soso Williams (bass), Justin Allard (drums and percussion), Michel Pepin (guitar), Tom Mennier (keyboard), Michel Dubeau (clarinet, duduk), Simon Godin (guitar), Jocelyn Tellier (electric guitar), Mark Bell (percussion), Vincent Rehel (keyboard and piano), and George Grancharoff (drums).

While the vocals on Blue on Blue are indeed reminiscent of Sixpence None The Richer, the album clearly opens with the mid-tempo "Along The Wall" in singer/songwriter territory, with Leigh's whispy voice backed by keyboard, electric and slide guitar. The delicate arrangements within "Nervous In The Light Of Dawn" perfectly support Leigh's vocals. The arrangement builds in richness with harmony layers and keyboards in the second half of the song.

The album's first big standout is "My Idea of Heaven." An upbeat guitar laden track with crisp percussion, Leigh's sensitively delivered vocal is backed with lush harmonies in the hook-laden chorus. "Ocean Size Love" opens with delicately delivered piano, Leigh's voice soaring as the arrangement builds with further keyboards, pulsing percussion and guitar into the chorus.

"Never Finish" is a lovely ballad with Leigh's searching voice gently backed by a rich arrangement. The tempo drops and reverb increases in "Between The Lines," as electric guitar, keyboard and crisp percussion support Leigh's incredibly evocative vocal delivery. Electric guitar leads the instrumental backing in "More Of It," percussion and additional arrangements contributing to the infectious hook of the chorus. "Angel Tonight," one of the album's more upbeat and pop-oriented standouts continues to illustrate the singer's virtuosity with lead backed with lush harmony layers, and her obvious ability to lure listeners into her web.

The robust electric guitar and upbeat arrangements in "Blue" add to Leigh's lead and Pierre Marchand's backing vocals. We especially enjoyed the vocal effects processed into the song. "Cloud Nine" is a stunning and upbeat pop-song with vocals distinctly mixed above the instrumental. The infectious hook is reminiscent of the artist's earlier work. The album concludes with a Beatlesque arrangement in the ballad entitled "Just A Little." Enthusiasts will be especially impressed with the vocal production and soft electronic arrangements. It is a stunning conclusion to this superb album.

Leigh Nash certainly continues to please with Blue on Blue. Working with producer Pierre Marchand, the blend of singer/songwriter, rock and pop tracks works extremely well while illustrating the artist's tremendous songwriting, overall virtuousity and vocal talent. Not to be missed! --Audrey Elliot in New York

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