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Still Waters CD Cover
Image © Manhattan Records 2006

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(29 December 2006) Louise Setara is a young British artist whose debut release Still Waters (Manhattan Records (USA) 946-3-54715-2, 2006), a collection of soulful covers and two original songs, is drawing attention from fans of Norah Jones, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. EMI and Manhattan Records granted Louise's first ever press interview to Musical Discoveries this summer. Read about the artist's background, the making of Still Waters, her feelings about live performances as well as her future dreams in this interview.

When listening to Louise Setara's album, one may instantly be harkened to the sound of Norah Jones. Perhaps Manhattan picked up on that when Coast Records presented the album to this major EMI label for consideration of USA release. Soulful textures, at times a husky voice but with range, and power characterise her sound. That the album is a collection of both popular and obscure covers is neither a disappointment nor an enthralling delight. Production is first class--rich arrangements underscore the sound on all but one a capella track. There is no denying that this young woman can sing.

Cover tracks include "Love Me Still" (C. Khan-B. Hornsby), "By the Time" (S. Climie-G. Kennedy), "Make You Feel My Love" (Bob Dylan), "Too Soon" (K. Mashlich-A. Mashlich), "Can't Stop The River" (Seal-P. Gordeno), "Sylvie" (Trad., Arr. by Ladysmith Black Mambozo-Hill-Setara), "Let It Be Me" (Bécaud-Curtis-Delanoé), "If I Should Fall" (Bruce Springsteen), "Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again" (J. Lasley-D. Lasley).

Louise's original tunes are the true highlights of the album. The sheer power and melodic hook of "Wrong Again" (Porter-Setara-Gordeno) are extremely memorable. Backing vocals provide an excellent texture to the track. The choral almost a capella treatment of "Circle" (Trad., Arr. by A Clark-L. Setara) demonstrates the power, range and versatility of the emerging singer. The primarily acoustic guitar-based "I Can Hurt" (T. Frasier-L. Setara) is a lovely singer/songwriter styled ballad that continues to reveal Setara's chops. Her evocative delivery clearly demonstrates her great potential.

While Louise does not appear to be setting the charts on fire with this new release, there is no doubt that her work will draw attention, especially with the new 2007 Norah Jones release. Music enthusiasts have great passion for Louise's style of music.Additional promotion by Manhattan Records in America and Coast Records in the United Kingdom during 2007 is certain to bring Louise and her music the attention she so rightly deserves.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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