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Johnnie Burton CD Cover
Image © Johnnie Burton 2005

Interview and Photos (2006)


(30 December 2006) Throughout the years many a man has dominated the world of rock and roll. Only a handful of women in the genre have garnered the respect of their male counterparts though. Strong women like Bif Naked, Joan Jett, Deborah Harry, and the like spent years making names for themselves while clearing a path for artists like newcomer Johnnie Burton.

Burton is tough as nails but distinctly feminine approach flies in the face of the idea that rock and roll is "man's world." With an amazing self-titled and self-released debut album just released Johnnie Burton is set to shake the foundations of any rock fans music collection.

We recently had the chance to talk with Johnnie about her new album and more. Read the results of our interview with Johnnie completed earlier this year.

Burton's album is comprised of eleven fast-paced traditional rock'n'roll tracks spanning a whopping 32 minutes. In addition to being a songwriter and tremendous lead guitar player, the woman has the powerful vocal chops necessary to cut through the instrumental backing and punch through with the lyrical message.

Johnnie brought in some additional talent to contribute to the album. The band is comprised of Dave Phillips (rhythm guitar), Paul Engel (bass), Ralf Balzer (drums, percussion and loops). Guests include: Hans Kline (add'l guitars and bv), Gary North White (atmosphere guitars), Daniel Alexander (piano and strings) and Nicole Tafralian (bv) and Kaspar Abbo (bv).

Vocally, Johnnie can be compared at times to the most rocking edition of Tracy Hitchings crossed with Stevie Nicks. Lyrics are not for the faint of heart, but the music will get your foot tapping and your bootie moving. This debut album from Johnnie Burton is likely to appeal to enthusiasts of early Lisa Bouchelle albums and rock fans in general. Released in 2005, it's probably reasonable to expect another album in 2007.--Mark Fisher in West Virginia and Russ Elliot in New York

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