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Odin Dragonfly Offerings CD Cover
Image © Odin Dragonfly 2007

Angela Goldthorpe and Heather Findlay are Odin Dragonfly
Image © Odin Dragonfly 2007

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(30 December 2007) Odin Dragonfly is an acoustic female-fronted spin-off project by Heather Findlay and Angela Goldthorpe from Britain's Mostly Autumn. While the artists have chosen to rework a couple of Mostly Autumn melodies for the album, primarily their own new work is featured on the twelve track collection Offerings (Odin Dragonfly (UK), ODCD001, 2007). The duo have toured the UK extensively both prior to and subsequent to the album's release. The album thoroughly demonstrates the artists' talent with a range of uniquely styled and arranged tracks.

Offerings was recorded in January 2007 by Chris Johnson at Nautical, York and was mixed and mastered in July 2007 by John Spence and Odin Dragonfly at Fairview, Willerby. Odin Dragonfly is Angela Gordon (vocals, flute, piano) and Heather Findlay (vocals, guitar, penny whistle, percussion). The booklet was arranged by our colleague photographer Chris Walkden. The album was released in August 2007. While the music is the main attraction, that the album was completed during this tumultuous time for the artists is nothing short of remarkable.

While some will hear strong references to and melodies common with Mostly Autumn in this collection of light acoustically backed tracks, the album is very much Heather's and Angela's own project. Gone thankfully are the heavy guitar riffs, full-on solos and extended progressive stylings. Listeners are going to delight with delicate acoustic guitar, flute and piano-backed arrangements. The artist's solo and harmony singing is spot on, in key, with not a note out of place. Clearly the result of a smaller and feminine song writing team has paid dividends in the result.

While the album's twelve tracks are certain to delight a broad range of audiences to include Mostly Autumn enthusiasts and listeners that are first hearing Heather and Angela here for the first time, there are album standouts. The melody of "Yellow Time" is tremendous and performed by the ladies with style and pinache the song deserves. The combination of piano and acoustic guitar perfectly support Angela's lead vocal in "Round & Round" while Heather's harmonies add a special texture to the chorus passages within the track.

"Witches Promise" is a tremendous harmony vocal folk tune that is sprinkled with acoustic guitar, piano and flute breaks that contribute to a rich arrangement and the overall appeal of the song. Listeners will immediately recognize the memory of "How I Feel Today," sung evocatively by Heather Findlay and supported by a lovely flute part played by Angela Goldthorpe. The vocal build to crescendo in the chorus is especially well performed.

The album's ballads highlight the individual artist's singing and songwriting. Heather tees the album off with "Web," a heartfelt song sung atop piano. Harmony vocals in the choruses contribute great texture and to the memorability of the opening track. She returns with "Magpie," with another well-known melody sung atop acoustic guitar and light flute arrangement. "Given Time" and "Waiting For The Snow" are two tracks that reveal Angela Goldthorpe's often hidden lead vocal talent.

The rich tonal quality and power in Heather's voice jumps off the album in "Magnolia Half-Moon" and "Forsaken Love." A light ballad, the track demonstrates the singer's artistic growth. Mostly Autumn enthusiasts will be especially enthralled with the acoustic version of the rousing "Caught In A Fold." Led by Heather, the vocal harmonies and acoustic arrangements are superb. We especially enjoyed Angela's extended flute solos.

Drama is continuous both in the music industry and every day life. Therefore it is near impossible to predict who will continue to or collaborate with other artists next. Odin Dragonfly have garnered significant success in their break from Mostly Autumn and are certain to delight enthusiasts with this album of individually styled acoustic tracks. As Heather and Angela move forward into 2008 we wish them both continued success!

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