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Paint Your Dreams CD Cover
Image © Wet Duck/Cement Shoes Records 2007

Lisa Bouchelle
Image © Wet Duck/Cement Shoes Records 2007

Lisa Bouchelle Feature:
solo, October Baby and others


(26 January 2008) Pennsylvania native Lisa Bouchelle released her album Paint Your Dreams (Wet Duck/Cement Shoes Records (USA), WD 2269, 2007) in April 2007 to much acclaim. She's performed various types of music over the years and has an interest in many different genres as well as other aspects of the music business.

A Musical Discoveries featured artist, Lisa told us in 2005, "I cut my teeth on bluegrass and country music, believe it or not. I moved on to performing top 40 pop in a band I formed called Wild Horse. I still go through phases where I like to dabble in the old classics like singing Gershwin with a piano player. I've done studio sessions with both rock and R&B artists. I think all of these elements have helped to shape my style."

Her style has been compared to Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Jason Mraz, and KT Tunstall, amongst others. She's already made a name for herself performing with esteemed artists such as James LaBrie of Dream Theater and sharing the stage with Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Kansas, Rob Thomas, Cyndi Lauper and Nancy Sinatra.

In addition to Lisa Bouchelle performing vocals and acoustic guitar, credits go to Gary U.S. Bonds (vocals); Stephen DeAcutis, Jason Cowden (acoustic guitar); Obie O'Brien, Bobby Bandiera (electric guitar); Southside Johnny (harp); Micah Sherman (violin); Sunset Gardener (accordion); Tom Reock (piano); Bobby Lynch (keyboards); Stephen DeActus, Hal B. Selzer (bass guitar); Shawn Pelton, Lance Hyland Stark (drums); and Steve Dejka (steel pan).

Paint Your Dreams was finished at Jon Bon Jovi's home studio. The CD includes contributions from musicians such as Shawn Pelton (his credits include Saturday Night Live, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, etc.) and Bobby Bandiera (credits include Bon Jovi, Graham Parker, Cyndi Lauper, etc.), and guest vocals from Southside Johnny and Gary US Bonds. The album's first single, "Insane," hit the Top 40 Indie Chart at Number 29, and has received airtime across the country. This same track also reached #1 on the New Music Weekly Radio Play Independent Music Chart, and the Top 20 on the RMQB Hot 100 Radio Play Chart. The album itself reached #4 on the College charts.

Lisa's powerful ability as a vocalist is evident throughout this captivating album. She has unique vocal expression and phrasing that makes her vocals a true standout. Her range is quite extensive which becomes a perfect platform for her powerhouse vocals. Two favorite tracks on this album are "Overrated" and "Insane."

The tender and passionate "A Kiss Is Worth 1,000 Words" is certainly an exceptional track, along with the entrancing guitar instrumentals. The excitement is kicked up a notch on "Along For The Ride." The catchy beat has a breezy feel, intertwined with Lisa's stylistic virtuosity. Her singing has a theatrical flair that enables her to tackle the many different styles of music that highlight her amazing vocals. Her striking and technically precise "The Way You Look At Me" brings her stunning and soaring vocal work to the forefront. She concludes with the incredible toe tappin' and rockin' "Bebe Blues.

Each track on Paint Your Dreams showcases Lisa Bouchelle's amazing talent through its lyrics, vocals and musical composition. Her passion and execution of the music is exciting, and the richness of her beautiful singing is captivating. There is a lushness of quality to this album that you just want to listen to again and again. A stunning album!--Audrey Elliot in New York

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