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Dester Tunes EP Cover
Image © Red Rock Music 2006

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(03 February 2008) Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Shauna Burns burst onto the music scene in 2005 with her debut album Every Thought (review) to wide crticial acclaim. Shauna's songwriting extension to Every Thought, is her followup EP release entitled, Desert Tune. (Red Rock Music LLC (USA) rrm7002, 2006). Strong allusions to Tori Amos both in singing and piano-based songwriting stylings continue into this EP.

This five song EP is witty and playful while in harmony with her nature of being personal and captivating. Shauna and her piano are once again joined by co-producer and drummer James Clark, Ryan Tilby on guitar and bass with Steve Lemmon on guitar. Inspired by residing in a desert landscape, Desert Tune gives the listener a different pair of eyes to view what this world can give and take from us, both physically and emotionally.

Shauna's music is inspired by many cultures and ideas that surround the world as well as the landscape of the deserts and mountains of the western US that she now calls home. Taking her knowledge in Anthropology as a shovel she is always digging, searching for her next musical adventure. Shauna explains her songwriting philosophy as, "It can start with just a feeling, that seed in your stomach that grows until you cannot ignore it anymore. I feel the need to cultivate and nurture these seeds because seeds can grow into big ideas if we take care. It makes me question: What's next for all of us in this world? What is the universe trying to tell us? I'm listening."

Shauna Burns sounds similar to a female Dave Matthews with a distinct Celtic influence. This may sound like an odd description of an artist after you listen for yourself, however, the interpretation works. Burns' vocals are very much her own, make no mistake about it. Even though some cringe by making comparisons to another artist, and one that is so popular, it is something that needs to be expressed. Although there are only five tracks that encompass Desert Tune, they are strong and create an impact for the artist.

This EP is the extension of songs that did not make it onto Shauna's debut CD Every Thought. The music is mystical and ethereal--it is very enchanting. Shauna's vocals are the key element that completes the circle for each track. Burns sings about squirrels dancing around in your head, fairytales, ghosts, and Celtic castles. Whatever she is singing about, it always seems to fit the music just perfectly, and the timing lyrically is impeccable and is supported by spotless musicianship. That covers all the most important aspects of any recording, not withstanding production values, which are excellent as well.

Desert Tune is a solid EP and it certainly will lead to an outstanding full-length album to follow. Shauna Burns has a vocal style that you are attracted to right away or it has to grow on you. There is no middle ground here. This could be the X factor that separates her from the pack.

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