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Stars Maxi Single CD Cover
Image © RM Records 2007

Erika Jayne
Image © RM Records 2007


(03 February 2008) A runaway star, as astronomy buffs know, moves through space at a supersonic velocity, leaving all other stars twinkling feebly in its wake. An apt metaphor, perhaps, to describe the career of Erika Jayne. Like a dazzling supernova, Jayne exploded onto the music scene with her club smash "Roller Coaster," a luminous musical come-on that soared effortlessly to number one on the Billboard Club Play Chart. A massive favorite with the world’s most high-profile DJs, "Roller Coaster" brought a stunning burst of energy to club culture.

"Every so often a record comes along, and you don't know who it is, but it makes its mark immediately," says Peter Rauhofer about "Roller Coaster." "It wasn't until I had played this record around the world for the first month, to great response, that I found out it was by Erika Jayne. It didn't matter where I played it—the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada or Barcelona—the song was an enormous hit."

Set to burn just as spectacularly is Jayne’s sparkling follow-up, the appropriately titled "Stars." Whereas "“Roller Coaster" showcased Jayne's naughty, playful side, "Stars" captures the exhilarating power of an intense sexual attraction. "Sex is a driving force in club culture," explains Jayne, "“and I love the idea of mixing that feeling of erotic longing with the throbbing, sexual vibe you get when you're in a club. My hope is that "Stars" captures that kind of primal energy that can make club-going such a mind-blowing experience."

Written and produced by Peter Rafelson and Eric Kupper, "Stars" has been remixed by some of the club world’s hottest names, including Moto Blanco, Steve Mac, CagedBaby, Tony Moran, DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious, and Mike Rizzo. Rafelson and Kupper also took their shots at remixing their original for the dance floor. "I love what they’ve done with it," says Jayne. “The remixes run the gamut—there's a darker version, a dirtier version--one that you just want to snake your body around—and then this big anthemic version. I just imagine thousands of people dancing to it." "Stars" was released as digital singles in the USA and internationally in December 2007. The commercial ten track CD maxi-single is also now available (RM Records (USA), 2007).

A pop siren ready to enchant both club and mainstream audiences with her velvety vocals, musical versatility, and glamorous, provocative image, the Atlanta-born Jayne has created that rare fusion of pop, dance and electronica that’s thoroughly modern yet seamlessly incorporates influences from the past. Already a sensation in the UK after enormous club exposure and a sold-out tour, Jayne has earned raves from a variety of circles. The Guardian says, "Erika Jayne is Madonna trapped in the moment when she recorded the Erotica album. She's Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge goes trance with a dash of debauchery, or Gwen Stefani goes burlesque. She's equal parts Hollywood glamour and S&M chic, the spawn of Sapphic union between Rita Hayworth and Traci Lords." Gay audiences, too, can’t get enough of Jayne's innovative sound.

"Erika has always been a star," says longtime friend and choreographer/director, Travis Payne (Madonna, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher). "She has this presence that is so uninhibited that her work is just so bold and incredible." Payne introduced Jayne to Rafelson, his frequent collaborator and a prominent producer and songwriter who has worked with Madonna, Berlin, Britney Spears, Elton John, Stevie Nicks and many other high-profile artists. "Erika is truly a dream artist," says Rafelson. "Her musical instincts are so sharp, she pushes me to push myself even harder."

Jayne is currently hard at work on her debut album, which is set for release this year. In the meantime, fans will burning up on the dance floor from the radiant glow of a star that threatens to shine as bright as the sun. Based on material at the artist's MySpace page, the album promises to be better than the ten track maxi single!

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