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Count To Ten CD Cover
Image © Defend Music 2008

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Tina Dico
Image © Defend Music 2008

Tina Dico
photo © Eric Klitgaard 2006
(Tina Dico MySpace)


(01 April 2007) Danish-born, British-based singer/ songwriter Tina Dico has releaseed her dynamic fourth studio album Count To Ten (Defend Music (USA) DFN 80034, 2008). The lush eleven-track CD speaks of life and love, and Tina's unabashed spirit abounds throughout. She is known for her ethereal voice as well as her incredible songwriting. The album was produced by Tina and Dennis Alghren, who has collaborated with her on previous works. We spoke to Tina in conjunction with our review of her last relase In The Red, see links under the album cover left.

Tina was born as Tina Dickow in 1977 in Aarhus, Denmark. Abroad she is known as Tina Dico due in part to phonetic differences among American-English speakers. She takes some of her inspiration from renowned classic artists such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, newer songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Teitur, Beck and José Gonzales, women like Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading and Joni Mitchell, bands like Radiohead and Coldplay, and more electronic groups like Zero 7 and Air. Tina is not only recognized for her outstanding singing and songwriting but also for her stunning beauty.

In Denmark, she worked with the lead singer of the band TV-2, Steffen Brandt. She won a Steppeulv and a Danish Music Award in 2004 for her album, Notes, and the award for best female vocalist at the Danish Music Awards 2006. Internationally, she is best known for her partnership with the English duo Zero 7 on their second album, When It Falls, with the song "Home."

In addition to the development noted in Tina's material, listeners will also witness an evolution in her vocal work. Where In The Read achieved its evocativeness from the sweeter side of Tina's voice, at least half of Count To Ten draws on a bluesier, edgier and even rockier sound in Tina's voice. In this lower range, Tina's singing will draw comparison's to the Dutch superstar, Anouk. But the album does not disappoint because the other half of the tracks harkens back with vocals in the artist's higher range, reminiscent of her last album and with Zero 7.

Count To Ten is an emotionally intense collection that highlights Tina's powerful, yet sensitive voice. Her music has a straightforward and atmospheric approach that appeals to folk/rock aficionados as well as boasting some subtle country elements. Her opening and title track, "Count To Ten," has wonderful acoustic strumming combined with Tina's passionate, vibrant vocals and instrumental power. She maintains a no-nonsense delivery in her spirited vocals in this introspective ballad. "On The Run" has a bluesy feel which highlights her deep and delicious voice, backed with heavy acoustic guitar and some pop chorus interludes.

The tender "Open Wide" has a captivating melody which showcases Tina's soaring vocal range. There is a richness and fluidity that expresses the poetics in this song. Country-sounding "Night Cab" continues to display Tina's great storytelling and vibrant musical talents. Another highlight is the deeply poignant "You Know Better." There is a wonderful clarity to her touching, towering vocals and simple guitar instrumentals. The emotions are unmistakable and stirs the heartstrings in this lovely piece.

While visiting Sacre Coeur, the famous Paris cathedral, Tina created the dark and haunting melody, "Sacre Coeur." She speaks of human dilemma in this emotive song. This definitive track shows simplicity and preciseness while she tells her story. "Craftsmanship & Poetry" has a lilting tune with a dreamy feel. Tina is ever the troubadour and performs her well-written lyrics effortlessly.

There is more of a pop feel to "My Business" while a more melancholy aura presides over "Cruel To The Sensitive Kind." The latter track demonstrates an emotive style. Tina breathes life into each syllable and refrain. "Everybody Knows" begins with gentle guitar strums and then breaks into her straightforward and hearty vocals. The final track is the epilogue of "Night Cab" with its ethereal sounding vocals and clearcut musical interludes.

There is a raw edginess to Count To Ten with its poignant tunes, soaring vocals, and emotional intensity. Tina Dico is an introspective songwriter and she exudes sheer power and grace in her music and her dynamic vocals. There is sincerity to her sound, and her rich, mature voice is no less than impressive. This sumptuous collection of emotive songs is stunning.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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