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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Tinkara Kovac - Koscek Neba CD Cover
Image © 1999\r\n\r\nSazas (Slovenia)  

(21 May 2000) Slovenian singer and flute player TinkaraKovac's latest album is entitled Koscek Neba (Sazas (Slovenia) 105326, 1999). The eleven track album is sungentirely in Slovenian and features highly accessible mainlypopular rock tunes. A biography, stunning photographs ofthe artist and soundbites are available at the Englishportion of Tinkara's website. Further information and two additional songs by the artist—including one sung in English—are available from her mp3.comwebsite.

Koscek neba is comprised of songs that fit relativelyeasy into one of several categories. The highly pop-orientednumbers are easy to listen to and are well arranged blendinginstrumentals to support Tinkara's soaring vocal passageswith catchy choruses. Songs include "Ko bo prisel" and with a rocking style reminscent of The Cars, "Loahheeiyeee."

Several of the numbers are more vocally and instrumentallyexploratory and demonstrate the range and depth of the artist'sraw talents and would most comfortably fit into the EurovisionSong Contest. These include "Brez lazi," "Ti si tu," the orchestrally rich movie theme-like "Zakaj" and "Grem." The album's ballads have a gentler texture yet move right along as well and include "Ko samo skupaj" and the varied "Nikoli."

Tinkara's effective and evocative Slovenian cover of The Corrs (review) "Only When I Sleep" is entitled"Od zvezd pijan." She has added her own vocal textures to thetrack and the electric guitars have been mixed with a raunchiersound that works quite well with Tinkara's voice. The track"Nic je vse" is performed in a similar, but less melodic, style.

The album closes with "Nocem vec" a rocking number with soaringvocals and hard edged electric guitars. The jazzy Ian Anderson-styleflute solo during the instrumental bridge is most notable.

Tinkara Kovac's latest album is certainly a tribute to a talentedperformer. With samples available online, her work should beexplored further. We found her latest album a nice listen!

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