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Avalanche Girl EP Cover
Image © Discominx 2008

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(24 August 2008) Jeni Saint's 2008 Avalanche Girl EP is a four track collection that demonstrates a lighter side of Jeni's range while also expanding listeners' experiences with emerging artist. It is Jeni's second EP since her 2000 album Hypnotise (review and interview).

Jeni writes, "After a couple of years touting my tunes around London town, I thought I'd get on the inside and learn about the bizness. Somehow I landed myself a job in promotions with a big label and ended up taking all sorts of multi-platinum artists to TV shows. This also included ironing their shirts, fetching their camomile tea/red bull and sewing up their trousers in between polishing my halo and writing my own songs and musings late into the night. "

The EP opens up with the piano and string accompanied "Needed to Get Out." Listeners will instantly hear a difference in the arrangement, far more unplugged than on Immortal. Strings, including Jeni's cello, and keyboard washes perfectly round out the instrumental accompaniment. Jeni's maturing voice evocatively delivers.

The everso delicate ballad "Against the Tide" is a perfect coffeehouse tune and is sung atop a gentle piano melody with light keyboard washes and bass that add a perfect texture to round out the tune. Jeni's emotional delivery is superb.

Crisp piano lightly backs the jazz-edged ballad "Life On A Wire." We especially enjoyed the orchestral washes and self harmonies supporting Jeni's sensually sung lead vocal. Listen for the tremendous power Jeni produces to underscore the lyrical messages. Audio streams are available at the artist's MySpace.

About her move from London to Brighton, Jeni writes, "It was a lot of fun but I realised I'd never give up my music and it was time to focus on my own creativity. The south coast beckoned. So I left the big smoke, bought a new piano, shut myself away down by the sea and found what was missing."

The final song on this EP, "Shining Star," is performed in the same vein atop a piano-driven melody with keyboard washes and self harmonies adding a light texture to the number. Like the two tracks before this song, "Shining Star" is also a sweet ballad. Listen for Jeni's cello in the arrangement.

Jeni Saint continues to develop her craft and entice audiences with the Avalanche Girl EP. We were supplied an advance, but the EP will be available from the artist's online shop at her website. We anxiously await Jeni's next full length album.

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