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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Solitary World
Image © 1999\r\n\r\nLobelia Inc  

(15 July 2000) Although she has written over 300 songs, Lobelia's first recordingfeatures only thirteen of them and is entitled Solitary World (Lobelia, Inc (USA) 6 46397 10762 7, 1999). "Lobelia's lyrical stories reach out to the individual listener, drawing them into the lives of of her characters." Nowaged 27, the response to Lobelia's music has been tremendous and "only timewill tell what the future has in store" for her.

Produced by James Marlin and fronted by Dan Kane, Solitary World wasrecorded in only three months in Winser, Nebraska. Lobelia is currently basedin Morgantown, West Virginia. Her music can best be categorised as generalpop, but as an indie release, her album doesn't adhere to the stigma oftenassociated with pop culture. A particularly attractive photograph of the artist adorns the back of the booklet accompanying the CD. Further photographs are available in her website's gallery.

The album features upbeat, highly accessible, moving vocal tracks and alsoa collection of ballads. The opening track "So Many Promises" is a fast pacedtrack with sweet vocal layers supported by nicely arranged rock instrumentals and a stunning and highly memorable soaring lead vocal. The guitar partscompliment the vocal work in the moderate paced "I Can't Forget"while the keyboards and piano perfectly support the dynamic vocal arrangementin the lovely title track. Vocal layers work extremely well, complimentingthe orchestral instrumental arrangement in "Matter Of Feelings."

The ballads include "I'm Lost" with it's highly emotive delivery and a passionate track sung over piano called "Time Will Tell" which would beperfectly at home at one of the WB TV teen shows like Dawson's Creek.The emotionally wrenching "You Never Knew Me" and "Soul Destroyed" would be equally at home in the TV show setting."Rain" and "Empty Handed" are sung wonderfully over a lively piano melody; vocal layers in the choruses are sweet and evocative. Orchestral backingis added in "Mask," a lovely and highly accessible ballad with a rocking edge and dynamic vocal excursions that add to the overall texture of thetrack. We especially enjoyed the lushly sung ballad "Quiet." Powerful andsensual vocals are perfectly complimented by layers of guitar. The artist'svocal qualities are likely best illustrated in the extremely sensitive (think slow-dancing) ballad "Life."

The artist's work is available from online sources and there are plentyof downloads available for listener sampling. Soundbites, further information and Digital Audio Music CDs can be ordered at Lobelia'smp3.comwebsite. Lobelia's debut albumprovides a first glimpse into the vocal talent and diversity of this rapidly rising singer songwriter. Certain to achieve both industry acclaim and commercialsuccess, female vocal enthusiasts will want to watch her career develop further. The debut album is worth a journey, indeed a very nice listen!

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