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Jakki Jelene - Reflections - CD Cover
Image © jakkijelene.com 2006

Jakki Jelene
Jakki Jelene (click for MySpace)
Image © jakkijelene.com 2006


(01 November 2008) Indie singer/songwriter Jakki Jelene's debut album Reflections (jakkijelene.com (USA) 8 83629 15214 1, 2006) is an enchanting collection of ethereal pieces. Eleven of the twelve tracks were written by this creative artist with songs about love and ranging to social issues affecting our culture. This avid storyteller enriches us with her thought provoking lyrics and enchanting vocals. Fans of Delerium and Sleepthief may like her sound.

Born in Michigan, Jakki developed her interest in music while in grade school, participating in school plays and musical productions. As a teenager, she joined the school and church choirs, helping to cultivate her musical interests. She said, "From as far back as I can remember, music has been an essential part of my life. I have always been open to listening to many different genres and knew at an early age that I wanted to be a singer. Still, I would have to say that songwriting has turned out to be the most rewarding aspect of working on music."

As a budding artist, Jakki is self-taught on guitar, and spent long hours playing and writing music and experimenting with electronic based soundscapes. She kept working at her craft and eventually collaborated with various independent artists, creating songs such as "Invisible," "Crash and Burn," and "Heaven Bound." These inspiring, beautiful works provided the backdrop needed to result in her creation of Reflections.

"Comatose" opens this exciting collection of songs, with its dreamy and captivating melody. She has beautiful clarity of tone in this ambient piece. Layered vocals appear throughout many of the tracks, producing great harmonies and depth. A mesmerizing percussive beat pervades "Instrument." Combined with her soaring vocals, Jakki showcases her lovely instrument. The soothing sounding " What Are You Waiting For?" has gentle tones although the content of the song is about a relationship on the outs and not wanting your companion to leave.

Electronic soundscapes appeal to the senses in "It Never Stops." The underlying driving beat sets the mood for "it never stops as we fall in disarray." The entrancing "Time (It’s Not Too Late)" has beautiful layered voices, giving this piece a haunting flavor. Jakki most definitely has a flair for the ethereal and is successful with the outcome. There is almost a detached feeling in the song "Cold Inside."

"Life Line" is a moody, downtempo track, and "Treasure" picks up the pace with its dreamy pop sound. Her beautiful, angelic sounding vocals in the latter song are relaxing and an easy listen. The electronica sound returns more abundantly in "Lullaby" and "My Sanctuary." Lapping waves introduce "To The Sea." This soothing, melodic piece includes lush vocals that seem to ebb and flow throughout this track. "Silent Night" is the bonus track, and Jakki gives this traditional song a lovely acoustic edge.

Reflections is a collection of new age electronica songs that have a moody edge to many of the tracks. Jakki incorporates her beautiful vocals with much layering infused with gorgeous harmonies and imaginative melodies. Her music maintains an interpretive expression of her work and she appreciates songs with meaning and substance. She has angelic vocals and an innovative style.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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