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Casey Desmond - Self-Titled - CD Cover
Image © Casey Desmond 2007  

(13 November 2008) Twenty-two year old singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Casey Desmond shows her wonderful talent on her self-titled 2005 album Casey Desmond (Sound Museum Records (USA) 6 34479 15526 0, 2007). She wrote and arranged all the tracks except for "Did We Make It" and "Undertow" that she co-wrote with Taylor Barefoot and William Ackerman respectively. This thirteen track album contains a blend of soulful rock and folk melodies, combined with her thoughtful lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

Hailing from Massachusetts, Casey was brought up in a musical family and she made her debut appearance on her parent's band recording of the legendary Bentmen at the age of three. She was heavily involved in musical theatre and grew up performing in front of audiences. Remember Tiny Tim? At age ten, she sang a duet with him on his noteworthy song "Tip-toe Through the Tulips." He encouraged her to pursue a career as a vocalist. By the time she turned fourteen, she taught herself guitar, keys and bass and formed a band with some schoolmates called Adore. The band had success and recorded a CD of her material. She later began performing at clubs and coffee houses in New England.

Her album showcases her gorgeous and strong vocals. She has an outstanding collaboration of musicians on this CD that help create her depth of sound. In addition to Taylor Barefoot on guitars, Chris Joye on bass and Geoff Chase on drums, she is joined by some notable musicians such as Grammy Award-winning guitarist Will Ackerman whom she co-wrote one of her tracks, bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) and Mike Levesque (David Bowie, Natalie Imbruglia) on drums.

"Did We Make It" is a great opener to this album with its determined rock/pop sound. Casey sings with clarity, backed by great rockin' percussive instrumentation. She shows great maturity of sound for her mere seventeen years when she originally recorded this album. She softens the mood in the guitar laiden "Taste It." She has thought-provoking lyrics and a great catchy beat in this track. A more defiant attitude appears in "Two Girls." She sings of dichotomy in her life of making her feel like a whole other girl.

"Shivering" has reflective lyrics and a yearning in this great melody. The song has a memorable, catchy beat. Casey's tender vocals in "The Child" display her wonderful storytelling ability. She exhibits a beautiful mellowness in this well-crafted piece. She continues with her touching vocals and carefully chosen lyrics in "Swim." She demonstrates her tonal versatility throughout this track.

Lush and deep rocking guitars are infused in "Sorry Ain't Enough." She sings with a hard driving attitude and edge. Gentle guitar opens "Scenario" and Casey continues to make an impression with her soaring vocals and resolve. "I Was Right" and "Stray" continue to highlight her great writing ability and her sensitive delivery of her touching lyrics.

"Lay Here" takes a look inside her feelings and the turmoil of her thoughts. Wonderful guitar mesmerizes in "Meaningless." Combined with her lovely and poignant vocals, this song is emotive and stirring. She concludes with the moody and passionate "Undertow."

There is an excitement to this collection of songs on Casey Desmond. This young woman sings with great fervor and passion, while setting the mood with great craftsmanship through her touching lyrics and wonderful instrumentation. Casey sets the scene vividly and artfully. She followed this album with a 2007 release, No Disguise and collaborated with other Boston musicians to record the song, "End War Now" to spread the word about the Iraq war. Casey Desmond has great talent and has a bright future ahead.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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