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Beth Wimmer - Live Within Live Without - CD Cover
Image © Beth Wimmer 2003

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Beth Wimmer
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Image © Beth Wimmer 2009

(15 November 2008) Originally from Boston, indie artist Beth Wimmer now resides in Santa Monica. Her debut album Live Within Live Without (Beth Wimmer (USA) 6 89076 08232 7, 2003 is a wonderful collection of twelve tracks that showcases her edgy and progressive sound. She sings her folk/rock songs with richness and passion. All the songs were written by Beth, and she performs these creations with heartfelt emotion. Her music and style vibrates within the unique family of Americana - embracing alt-country, indie-rock, and folk music.

She was fascinated by rock and roll music at an early age, and as she listened to various artists, she became inspired. Some strong musical influences include notable artists such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, Pretenders, Police, Tracy Chapman, Aimee Mann, and Elliott Smith.

There is an earthiness to Beth's musical style. Beth says some of her inspirations in her music and life are "My travels and people, other countries’ stories, Amnesty International, the practice of complete and unsafe love, blissful states of mind…utter distress--all kinds of music and musicians and artists."

Her songs are infused with lush vocals and guitar laiden accompaniment. Her luxuriant voice mesmerizes the listener, wanting more and more. She tugs at the heart strings with her songs of humanness, hope, painful honesty, love lost and love found, and personal and spiritual redemption, all with a sense of humor. This tapestry of human emotions is beautifully woven and quite captivating. She is supported by a superb group of musicians including: David Raven on drums; Taras Prodaniuk on bass; Billy Watts on electric guitar; and Danny McGough on keyboards and hammond B3.

She opens this emotive album with "Situations." Beth's alluring vocals are down-to-earth and filled with wonderful fervor. The marvelous violin by Mark Indictor complements the flowing melody, in addition to the hammond B3, lending a sumptuous feel to this track. "Move On" has a rockier edge in this song about self-realization. Beth shows her expertise in telling her story with a sensivity and humanness. The title track, "Live Within Live Without," has a great psychedelic feel with its folk/rock roots.

"With Our Eyes Closed" has a catchy percussive melody that has great hooks. There is a warmth that envelops her vocals shown throughout this entire set of songs. She can handle many genres, and has a special affinity to her gorgeous country-infused folk as in "Hey Babe." There is an honest simplicity that she delivers with confidence. She continues in a similar vein in "Lose My Way," permeating this track with slide guitar and her beautiful vocals.

"Saturated" heightens the senses. Beth's soulful tones and folk/rock sound are explosive here. She continues to show great sensitivity in "Calling All Hearts" and "Hard." The latter song has marvelous mandolin, mandola and violin accompaniment that pervades this piece. Combined with her clarity of tone, this song is a true winner. You can definitely "feel your sensations run high from within."

Her soulful rendition of "The Wheel" carries a straight-to-the-point feel. Country sounding "Holdin' Out" speaks of hopes and dreams of a love relationship. Beth exposes a vulnerability and intimacy of feelings that tugs at the heart. She concludes with the flowing "Every Time." This song of human setbacks and hope is spirited and beautifully presented.

Beth Wimmer certainly deserves top kudos for this lush and savvy album. Live Within Live Without has a free spirited feel, exploring love lost and love found. She has definitely found a connection with her gorgeous vocals and sweeping melodies. She exudes a richness as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist that leaves the listener wanting more and more. She has a new release entitled Miracle Girl that has also been well received. Her music comes from the heart and heightens the senses.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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