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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Twenty Houses
Image © 1996\r\n\r\nBikiniCut Publishing  

(15 July 2000) Singer songwriter Jennifer Onesto's debut album Twenty Houses (BikiniCut Publishing (USA) 7 02677-011402 5, 1996) is comprised of ten highly accessible alternative rock tunes. Jen hails from Arlington Heights, IL and has been featured in Lorelei Music Magazine and at Harmony Ridge Music. Supported by a range of musicians, the album's tracks balance heartfelt vocals with a variety of well-played instrumental arrangements. A particularly attractive photograph of the artist dominates the artwork used on the back cover of the compact disc package. Additional photos at the artist's website and a downloadable video illustrate the dynamics in her live performances.

"Twenty Houses is an album that offers a true alternative: Afully produced wall of sound. Terrific melodies and harmonies. Bigguitar-driven accompaniment. You won't find any spare, jumbledmixes with wispy, off-key lead vocals here. On the contrary,Jennifer has a phenominal voice, harkening back to the greatfemale rock artists of the 60s and 70s. She has a clear, rich,alto voice of uncommon quality-versatile enough to be equally athome singing a driving rock tune as well as a soulful ballad."

We were particularly impressed with the vocal production of thealbum and use of original instruments including steel drums ("LoveChanges Everything"), harmonica and sitar. Jen's vocals are mixed way up and layering, when used, is very effective in producing lovely harmonies to support individual tracks' melodies. While most of the album's tracks rock to a significant extent, the album also features one slower, equally enticing and evocative track entitled "Last Dance." With more of an edge than Lobelia's album reviewed above,this alternative rock album moves right along and with highly accessible rock tunes should delight the broadest of audiences.

Further reviews of Jennifer's album Twenty Houses are availableand interested readers can order the album at amazon.com here. Our viewers can find further information about the artist, download tracks from the album, see a music video and purchase Digital Audio Music CDs from Jennifer's mp3.comwebsite. JenniferOnesto's debut album Twenty Houses is a tremendous introduction to thisgrowing vocal talent. Worth further exploration and a journey, it is a certainly very nice listen!

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