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MaryAnne Marino - A Little Something - EP Cover
Image © MaryAnne Marino 2009

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(30 May 2009) MaryAnne Marino began to draw attention as the voice of November Project, a band that grew out of the ashes of New York City's October Project in the late 1990s. November Project released the "A Thousand Days" EP in 1999 and, after a number of successful live performances on the northeast circuit, went on to record a full length album that sadly fell short of release. MaryAnne and several of the musicians went one way as the Nobodaddyband while Emil Adler, Marina Belica and Julie Flanders reformed October Project in the years that followed.

MaryAnne's solo act began to develop incorporating the remaining musicians from the former November Project. Originally signed to Lava Records, MaryAnne recorded Ghost Of You (2005). In another sad turn of events, Lava Records elected not to release the album. Determined to make the music available to her fans, MaryAnne worked out an arrangement to more or less release Ghost Of You on her own, often including the album with merchandise. Read our interview for further details.

The well-produced EP A Little Something (MaryAnne Marino (USA) 8 84501 14946, 2009) is MaryAnne's first release since Ghost Of You. With five tracks, the EP runs just under 20 minutes. While an array of supporting artists contribute to the recordings on the EP, longtime fans will recognize drummer Doug Yowell and bass player Michael Visceglia in the individual song credits. "Let's Get Married" is a happy, upbeat song dating back to the first incarnation of MaryAnne's website.

With her own lovely backing vocals, MaryAnne sings the gentle acoustic rocker "Life Less Ordinary." Her touring percussionist Jen Scaturro splits performance and production credits with MaryAnne, who also contributes acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin and keyboard samples. The light yet well-produced lush instrumentals are wonderful. Produced and performed by the same team, "Forever Is Mine" is a light and lovely acoustic ballad.

"Tell Me" is the album's standout. Full band instrumental arrangements result from bass contribution by November Project stalwart Michael Visceglia, drums by Doug Yowell and electric guitar by Thad DeBrock. Produced by the singer and Dibs Shackney, MaryAnne's vocals soar above the tremendous arrangement. The EP concludes with the aptly titled "Start Again," a folk-rock styled tune supported by Viscelglia and Yowell in their respective bass and drum roles.

MaryAnne performs frequently in and around New York City and continues to expand her following drawing critical acclaim in printed and online publications. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve designed by Jenny Begin and photography by Kurt Gardner, her long-awaited new EP is available from online outlets and at her performances. MaryAnne Marino has clearly 'started again' with the release of her stunning EP A Little Something and this appetizer will certainly garner the independent artist the support needed for another full length album.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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