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Nandara - Angels Weep - CD Cover
Image © GAP Music 2009

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones (lead vocals)
Image © GAP Music 2009

(13 July 2009) Nandara is the newest creation by veteran musician, Stuart Jones, on the UK's GAP Music label. Stuart is no stranger to the music world, and he has written and recorded innumerable albums in all styles including Classical, Jazz, Dance, Pop-Funk, New Age, Experimental and a genre he has originated called "Piano Speed Funk." His new album, Angels Weep, is a gorgeous New Age work that highlights the incredible, ethereal tones of Sarah Jones. All of the songs on Angels Weep were composed and recorded by both Sarah and Stuart Jones.

Stuart Jones' music is heard regularly on global and national television including BB1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Most recently, his music is on the soap opera Emmerdale. He has many albums/DVDs published under pseudonyms such as Stuart Michael and SJ Bluewater and his compositions/recordings appear on charting DVDs and albums with artists such as Craig David and Debbie Harry in the style of dance music, and Mozart and Debussy (Deutsche Grammophon label) in the style of classical music. Nandara has been at the forefront of the New Age music scene for a number of years in various guises enjoying continuous worldwide success.

The opening track, "Journey," describes life as a journey full of emotion. There is no doubt that Sarah's beautiful vocals supported by the flowing melody evoke tranquility and she certainly touches the heart. The title track follows with its haunting quality. There is an angelic quality to this song, breaking into a rhythmic and captivating beat. She exudes passion with her sweet-sounding tones. Beautiful keyboards open "Our Love." There is an almost wistful feel to this soothing song.

One of the standout tracks is "Heart of Dreams." Soaring vocals and captivating instrumentals help to create a sumptuous mood. Sarah's beautiful vocal range is highlighted here. "Angels of Love" continues to excite the senses with her magnificent voice and the lush instrumentation. The arrangement has broad sweeping passages that hook the listener. The laid back jazzy tone of "With You (When I'm Gone)" has a sultry flavor. Sarah's splendid lilting voice continues to mesmerize and enthrall.

Soothing synth sounds in "Time With You" offer a feeling of warmth and serenity. The rhythmic melody has an hypnotic feel. More instrumentals follow with the exciting "Innocence In Me." The luxuriance of the music combined with the stellar vocals has an inspiring quality. The piano-ladden piece is exceptional and well crafted. The album closes with soaring vocals in "Word Unspoken." There is a genuineness in the heartfelt tones.

Exquisite vocals emmanate from singer Sarah Jones. She maintains a pure and clear tone throughout this album, complimenting the delightful New Age music soundscape. The set of nine tracks are stunning and well-crafted. The album is available at iTunes or via CD from GAP Music. Angels Weep has been a long time in the making and this captivating album was worth waiting for.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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