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Sally Cooper's EP
Image © 1996\r\n\r\nMidnight Publishing

Sally Cooper's DAM
Image © 2000 Sally Cooper

Image © 2000 Sally Cooper

(16 July 2000) The self-titled debut EP from Sally Cooper contains four tracks that illustrate the depthand range of this Austrailian singer songwriter. Cooperperforms lead and backing vocals and is supported byRex Goh (guitar), Richard Melick (keyboards and backingvocals), Victor Rounds (bass), Chad Wackerman (drums)and Tony Azzopardi (percussion).

From her mp3.com summary, "[Sally Cooper presents] a sultry, soulful style and [with her 14-track Digital Audio Music compact disc from mp3.com -- reviewed below] offers a sensational collection of universally appealing, cleverly crafted and catchy songs. Each tells its own unique tumultuous tale of love's endeavours. The tunes here are Sally's best, each unique in their own "hit written all over it" quality."

"Sally sings in a way that extracts an abundance ofemotion with each phrase and nuance. Refreshinglysweet, passionate, and honest, you'll want to take the time to delight your senses as she delivers her tunes with an alternation of warm dulcet tones and soaring vocals." We especially enjoyed both instrumentaland vocal excursions. The lead is sensuallly sung, and evocative especially when she soars above theotherwise lush instrumental arrangements.

We were amazed with the richness of the production quality on the EP—it is first class all the way andshares its style with work of Madonna and big nameartists operating on that level. Keyboards, guitarsand percussion are all perfectly arranged and balancedagainst Sally's powerful, evocative and sultry voice.

"Love I Feel" is a gently rocking Madonna-like tune,with several spoken segments between the lush harmoniesof the chorus. Sally Cooper's power is immediately evident within the track despite the richness of theinstrumental arrangements. "Make You Mine" is a lovelyballad sung sweetly and sensually over the lightestinstrumentation except during the instrumental bridgewhere Rex Goh's guitar riffs dominate the sound. "Never Too Late" is an upbeat dance-oriented tunewith a lovely lead vocal that soars above the R&Binstrumental arrangement. The EP concludes with alively bluesy tune entitled "Turn Around" that shows Sally at her sultriest. Vocal production onthe last two tracks is notch and illustrates Cooper'spower and range.

(31 July 2000) The Sally Cooper Album.A soulful selection of pop, R&B and alternative tunes are presented by Australian songstress Sally Cooper on her self-titled Digital Audio Music (D.A.M.) CD (mp3.com (USA) 21425, 2000). The CD has bothfull fidelity CD audio and mp3 versions of the 14 tracks on it; the mp3 versions play through software contained on the CD when used on a computer. The four tracks onthe EP reviewed above are also contained on the D.A.M.In addition to performing as a solo artist, she is the driving force behind The Sally Cooper Band and has worked supporting well known musicians such as Frank Zappa, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Jenny Morris, Daryl Braithwaite and Marcia Tunes.

Empassioned tales of love's warmth and consequence aredelivered through each of the tracks on the album. Withvaried vocals and catchy beats, each song captures themood perfectly. "Soon Enough," the first track sets thepace. With a Madonna-like vocal and strong beat, the song reall brings out what Sally can do. "Love IFeel" is more upbeat track. The vocals are more spokenthan sung, however, when the singing appears you justwant to hum to this catchy song. "Never Too Late" offersmore of an R&B best to it whilst bringing out the strongemotion within the vocal part and beat of the song.

"Only Lonely People Can Play," a strong love-orientedballad, really shows the soulful music that can be producedthrough the magnificient vocals of Sally Cooper just thesame as in "Make You Mine," a more upbeat ballad. "TurnAround," is more in the alternative style, as is "Divinity.""Answer In The Wind" seems to be a track of its own. Whilesoulful like "Only Lonely People Can Play," the crystallinevocals and light piano instrumentation drive one to listen to the words and focus on the meaning of the track. Thetender ballad "Love Me" is produced in a similar style.

"Hear What You Say" combines a light classical vocal partwith country rhythms to create an easy listening light rocksound. "He Takes His Time" really delves deep into anhonest feeling of love that Sally felt when writing thissong. This soulful, beautiful track leads right into a more upbeat song, "Tell Me Tenderly," a song ofwanting love. While "Skies Are Sometimes Blue" illustrates the lighter version of love in a ballad style, "Like A Child" presents an upbeat version of the strong emotion of love.

Further information, mp3 downloads and links are available at Sally'smp3.comwebsite; youcan also order from a range of three EPs for $5.99 as well as the 14-track Digital Audio Music CD reviewed above for only $10.00 there. A wonderful introduction to a well established Southeast Asia-based artist, we found her full length DAM CD delightful and certainly a very nice listen!—Deborah J Elliot

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