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Jeni Saint - Life On A Wire - EP Cover
Image © Yellow Door Music 2009

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(12 October 2009) Jeni Saint's 2009 Life On A Wire EP the third in a series of brief three-track collections that demonstrate the range and the virtuousity of this emerging artist. The artwork is indicative of an evolution in the artist's style. It is Jeni's third and most mature recording since her 2000 album Hypnotise (review and interview).

All songs are written by Jeni and she plays piano and gockenspiel on the EP. Long time collaborator Matt Ward provides additional keyboards and programming and drums. Other artists supporting the recording include Dan Priddy (guitar), Jonas Jalhey (bass), Cat Parker (violin), Rosie Langley (violin), Amy Wilson (viola) and Joe Zeitlin (cello). Strings are arranged by Jeni Saint.

The EP was produced by Matt Ward and Jeni Saint, mixed by Mark Crew and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering. Piano, strings and vocals were recorded at Metropolois Studios, Lonon by Neil Tucker and Sam Wheat.

The EP opens with a new recording and richer production of the stunning title track, "Life On A Wire." The song debuted on Jeni's last EP, Avalanche Girl. Arrangements have both--piano and string--instrumental and lush backing vocal depth.

A revised production of "Needed To Get Out," also debuting on Avalanche Girl, is also presented. The strings are substantially stronger and the overall mix is substantially more professionally produced. Jeni's vocals are very confident and sweetly delivered.

The EP's new track is the standout track "One More Time." Well arranged, the track reveals Jeni's vocal work at its tenderist. Backing harmonies fit perfectly between Jeni's lead and the lush string arrangements.

Life On A Wire concludes with instrumentals of all three tracks. These songs work well instrumentally and are enjoyable in their own right. These demonstrate Jeni's superb piano playing and the lovely and crisp string arrangements to their fullest.

Jeni Saint's third EP Life On A Wire has clearly taken the artist's music to a new level. There are another three tracks that stream on Jeni's MySpace page that demonstrate she is clearly on the path to a new full length album. We can't wait!

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