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Katie Davis - Three Songs EP - CD Cover
image © Katie Davis Music 2010

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Katie Davis
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image © Katie Davis Music 2011

(14 August 2010, updated 03 November 2011) The new digital only release from Katie Davis entitled Three Songs (Katie Davis (USA), 2010) is a singer songwriter project. It is said to appeal to fans of Bright Eyes, Ingrid Michaelson and Feist. Although six years from her last release Terrible, Terrible, the project clearly shows the artist is continuing to develop professionally. Watch the artist's 2011video playlist on YouTube.

Her striking acoustic guitar combined with her mesmerizing and poignant vocals allow the listener just a taste of her melancholic songs. Her ballad approach reminds you of Alanis Morissette and she certainly has a straight-hitting sound. Her introspective and hauntingly beautiful songs--the kind you hear in the movies over kissing or crying scenes--liken her to other straight-voiced ladies like Beth Orton, Feist, and Jenny Lewis.

She has earned unprecedented national press, MTV and worldwide radio play, and a packed schedule of live shows with national touring acts. In early 2005, Katie played her first solo shows to small but delighted crowds in the beer-soaked dive bars of Seattle's Pioneer Square. And by 2006, Katie enjoyed her first four-story marquee at the Showbox, a musical institution and one of the northwest's biggest theaters.

Says Katie, "Musical Discoveries reviewed my debut Terrible, Terrible EP a few years back. I really appreciated all the thoughtfulness you put into that review. One of my favorite quotes is: 'The sampling of songs leaves you wanting for more and she shows great potential with her gift of voice and raconteur.'" How could we not review her new EP?

The new release opens with the somewhat upbeat acoustic track "Fisherman." Here layers of Katie's vocals glisten atop electronic and acoustic guitar-laced arrangements. Listen to her voice gently soar as she evocatively delivers the lyrical message and is backed with layers of harmony in the lovely chorus.

"Baby Your Eyes" is a gentle ballad sung atop simple acoustic arrangements. Heartfelt vocals draw the listener further in with layered harmonies in the chorus. The acoustic arrangements are wonderfully produced perfectly complementing Katie's whispy vocal delivery.

The final track entitled "Gorgeous" is a lovely upbeat acoustic tune. Nearer to the top of her vocal range, Katie's singing is crystalline. Vocal layers and gentle percussion treatments contribute to the lovely texture that she achieves in the track. We were clearly left again wanting more. Please record a full length album for us!

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