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Liv Kristine - Skintight - CD Cover
image © Napalm Records 2010

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Liv Kristine
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image © Napalm Records 2010

(29 August 2010) Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull from Norway is better known as Liv Kristine. She is the former vocalist for the band Theatre of Tragedy and is current vocalist for the band Leaves' Eyes. Her solo career includes two former albujms entitled Deus Ex Machina (1998) and Enter My Religion (2006) respectively. Her new album, Skintight (Napalm Records (USA), 2010) reviewed below is her third solo outing. The artist also released eight singles and two EPs supporting these three albums.

Readers will note the gap between her debut and follow-up albums. During this period she worked exclusively with Leaves' Eyes who released two albums entitled Lovelorn (2004) and Vinland Saga (2005) respectively. Leaves' Eyes third studio album Njord (Napalm Records (USA), 2009) was also recently released. Four EPs, most notably the Legend Land (2006), and a double live album (2009) were also released to promote the band's work. Liv Kristine and Alexander Krull are the driving force behind Leaves' Eyes.

Kristine's latest solo album is a ten track rock and pop collection naturally with little semblence to her work with Leaves' Eyes. The tracks are more lightly arranged although electric guitar arrangements support her vocal work. Vocals are more delicate and less "out there" than the artist's work with Leaves' Eyes or her prior solo album Enter My Religion. We appreciate the distinction between Liv's solo recordings and her work with the symphonic metal band.

The artist continues to support her work with promotional videos and a vast online presence at her official website and also MySpace. Publicists have taken care to release only the most professional photography. The care taken to control Liv's image has served her well as she is always show in the most evocative clothing and notable poses that show off her assets visually. Recordings are available at MySpace, her official website and YouTube.

The new album's ten tracks run just under forty minutes. The material includes gentle and delicate ballads ("Twofold," "The Rarest Flower," "Love In Gray," "Lifeline," "Wonders"), fast paced rockers ("Skintight," "Boy At The Window"), rock'n'roll ("Train To Somewhere," "Emotional Catastrophies") and bluesy numbers ("Versified Harmonies"). The album's standouts are clearly "Twofold" and "Boy At The Window." Listeners will also adore the electric guitar-laced "Versified Harmonies." The album concludes with the piano-based ballad "The Rarest Flower." Allusions of Tori Amos emerged as the album drew to a close.

Skintight is a respectable solo album from Leaves' Eyes vocalist but is not representative of Liv Kristine's very best work. The material may be slightly too accessible and lacks the edge that many will expect from the singer.Liv Kristine continues to draw interest from enthusiasts worldwide. While this album has not drawn the critical acclaim of her earlier work, there are some excellent tracks.

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