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Annelies - Musical Discoveries Demo Tracks - CD Cover Artwork
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(12 September 2010) In an era when the British public is used to being spoonfed its star performers through reality TV shows, it's refreshing to come across an artist who is doing it the old fashioned way. That is if you consider performing in front of 30,000 people alongside the likes of Charlotte Church and Blue at the age of seven to be old fashioned.

Sixteen year old Annelies Kruidenier is that person, and the one who is preparing to be the next British classical crossover superstar. Born and raised in the Welsh valleys that seem such a nutritious source of singing talent, she won a music scholarship to the prestigious Cathedral School in Cardiff, who count Charlotte Church amongst their illustrious alumni. And like the ever-popular Ms Church, she was quick to display her precocious vocal ability, singing at every opportunity that arose. Learn more about Annelies in our exclusive interview.

With a talent that was obvious to anyone who witnessed her performances firsthand, it wasn't long before the concert recitals grew into something more substantial. A performance alongside the Welsh National Opera was followed by an invitation to sing at the Rugby World Cup at Cardiff’s enormous Millennium Stadium, and even at the newly refurbished Wembley Stadium in front of a capacity crowd of 73,000 people.

One might think that, for someone of such tender age, it must have proven extremely daunting to sing solo in front of so many people? Not so, refutes the lady herself. "I suppose that when you've always sung, it seems pretty natural to be in an environment where you’re performing. I mean don't get me wrong, I was pretty nervous walking out onto the pitch, but once the music starts, I just feel at home."

It defies belief that such a strong voice can be housed in someone so young, but to witness the power coming from her small frame is to realise that this is no disposal pop wannabe. Annalies is the real deal. Her note perfect renditions of "Per Sempre" and "Time To Say Goodbye" have already attracted the attention of legendary vocal maestro and songwriter Steve Balsalmo, and now her talents have brought her to the attention of the major record labels.

Yet there's more to Annalies than a voice and her rapid ascent up the classical performance ladder; not many opera singing starlets can boast of a silver medal in the UDO World Street Dance Championships in their armoury, nor have they been in a position to turn down a highly-sought after presenting gig with international media giant Disney. "I like lots of things," she states, "Just become I sing classical music doesn't mean to say I spend the day wondering around in a choir robe!"

We were provided eleven demo recordings by Annelies. Her voice has perfect clarity and she sings with remarkable maturity. While each recording is very special, the standouts included the dramatically delivered and wonderfully produced "It's Raining Again," the stunning classic "Per Sempre" and the artist's Ryder Cup concept, a powerful and very maturely delivered track entitled "Just Believe."

None of this is sufficient to distract Annelies from her true ambition. "It might seem odd to some that a sixteen year old girl wants to sing classical music, but for me its always been my over-riding passion, and I can't ever imagine that changing." Listen to samples at Annelies' MySpace, FaceBook and Reverbnation sites. She has performed already alongside the likes of Hayley Westenra and Faryl Smith, the future seems certain to deliver that ambition for Annalies. Based on the demos we have heard, her debut album promises to be smashing!  

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