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Balligomingo - UAES Origins - CD Cover
artwork by Jody Quine
\r\nimage © Balligomingo 2010

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l-r: Vic Levak, Rebecca Ramone, Garrett Schwartz, Jody Quine
image © Balligomingo 2010


(08 October 2010) Balligomingo first emerged in 2000 as a project led by Garrett Schwartz and Vic Levak with a collection of seven stunning female vocalists. Their initial EP was extremely well received by enthusiasts which led to their Beneath The Surface album in 2001. The singers included: Jennifer Baldwin, Colleen Coadic, Jennifer Hershman, Camille Miller, Jody Quine, Beverley Staunton and Kristy Thirsk. After an extended hiatus, Balligomingo resurfaced in 2008 with the release of Under An Endless Sky (UAES) fronted by Jody Quine and Rebecca Ramone. The new album was warmly welcomed by their fans.

Balligomingo's latest project is a seven track acoustic collection feature two new songs and alternative mixes of tracks from Under An Endless Sky. Entitled UAES Origins the project is certain to draw interest not only from former Balligomingo fans but from singer songwriter enthusiasts. Origins opens with the stunning new track "Last Words" sung by Jody Quine whose voice shimmers gliding above the instrumentals. Light arrangements incorporate strings and backing harmonies and are underscored by very light percussion. It is great to have Balligomingo back after a two year break.

Rebecca Ramone returns from her solo career to deliver the new mix of "I Just Tell Myself" sung atop a lone acoustic guitar. Her tender heartfelt delivery that wrings with emotion is superb. With guitars glistening, Jody Quine's performance in the acoustic mix of "Sunshine In Rain" is spine tingling. The feel of this new release is entirely different than the former heavy electronic influence that Balligomingo fans will recall. The singer songwriter tone of the record becomes that much more evident.

Under An Endless Sky's standout "A Beautiful Day" is reworked into a piano mix for Origins. Exclusively backed by piano, Jody Quine's solo vocal soars into the stratosphere. Clearly the standout on Origins, the production of Quine's voice is simply astounding and has to be heard. The accompaniment is also tremendous but is far overshadowed by Jody's vocal work. Bravo! An acoustic mix of "Dream Believer" is sung superbly by Rebecca Ramone. Backed by lone acoustic guitar, the producers have captured Ramone's evocative vocal delivery in spine tingling accuracy.

The second of two all-new tracks appearing on Origins is "Wounded." Sung superbly by Jody Quine, the acoustic ballad fits well with the rest of this release. The producers have again done an outstanding job with Jody's vocal work and on this track they have joined acoustic guitar passages with piano textures. A down-tempo electro-acoustic version of "You're A Star" sung by Rebecca Ramone is the final song on this release.

Balligomingo continues to deliver outstanding music to their listeners with their UAES Origins release. While there are only seven tracks included, it is clear that the quartet are still working closely together. Enthusiasts will be delighted with this new project. Let's encourage Balligomingo to stay in the studio and press forward with a new full length album soon!

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